Top Reason Why Non Reciprocal Links Are Crucial

Top Reason Why Non Reciprocal Links Are Crucial

Article by Moe Tamani

There is no secret that all the search engine positions depend on the number of links you have coming to your website. You will probably receive a number of emails offering you exchange links and explaining to you the obvious benefits of such an exchange. If you find that these sites are related, having these non reciprocal links may provide you with the higher rank you seek, and will provide the needed links with built in relevancy that will skyrocket you to the top.

The two top advantages of having non-reciprocal links instead of reciprocal links are that these links have more impact because the search engine will be able to determine that they are not reciprocated. Another advantage is they are not as closely looked at as the reciprocal links are.

With the reciprocal links you run the risk of some of the more unethical websites will take down the links or make sure that they are not seen at all by the search engines. You should know that at any time they will remove their links at your site if the action is warranted. When you have non reciprocal links you don’t have to worry about them removing links from your site because you are not linked to them.

There are many other benefits available when you are using non reciprocal links, but the two most beneficial are listed here and they help you and your website in your quest to reach the top of the search engine ladder. The question most people would ask is

why someone would want to link to your website and get nothing from you in exchange. They don’t. You must put something into it before reaping the benefits.

Non reciprocal links will be a great benefit to the search engine’s positioning and by following a few simple tactics will make your positioning campaign more successful.

Create Great Content

You may be surprised but a lot of times webmasters will link to your site because it has valuable information that their customers or visitors may find beneficial or interesting. The search engines have started giving a number value based on its assessment that the links coming in through the site had valuable information. Some people will link to your site just because your information is useful to them. You may not believe it but it is still the case today.

If your site has great content and is updated on a regular basis, people in your area of expertise will want to link to you on a regular basis. It is also good to ask others to link to your website through regular contact or just by posting a page that has images and link descriptions. Even if you get just one link out of these efforts then it is worth the time you put into it.

A Listing in a Directory

If you have a little money and time, you will want to consider directory listings as they are the easiest way of acquiring the non reciprocal links you may be searching for. However you should remember that your site must have value and is not in any way offensive, and that there may be a review fee associated with the directory listing.

There are some very well established directories like the Open Directory Project (also known as the DMOZ) or Yahoo Directory. The only problem with the Open Directory Project is that it may take a while to get your listing, because they use many volunteer editors who take there time. You will also find that with Yahoo Directory, the cost may be too steep, as it costs 9 to get one listing.

The great thing is that there are secondary directories with many thousands of directories that are topic specific which will be able to provide you with many valuable listings. These offer you the relevancy that you will need to get quality targeted traffic when you link to a directory that ranks well with the search engines.

Now you are probably wondering how much you should pay for the directory service. The normal topic specific directory listing can usually run you between and 0 a year in most cases. If the link will be placed on a good page rank page and has fewer than 50 listings or so, it is worth considering.

Making Article Submissions

Using article submissions as a way to form the non reciprocal link is probably the most valuable as they are entirely relevant and can be a good avenue to receive more targeted traffic. Even though article submission is a great benefit to your link building strategies, it is however very time consuming. The time it takes you to write your article and to find some site to publish it, and the time it takes to actually submit your article, you will have spent a lot of time that could have been spent doing some other link building technique.

There is a bright spot though, that if you have already published with a site they are more likely to allow you to publish again, so that will dramatically cut down the time you spend on this link building technique. A great tip is to Bookmark the page so that you can find them quickly, and write for them on a regular basis so that they will take your articles quickly.

There are a few valuable things you should take into consideration when you write articles. The article must show why they are relevant to your topic and site. You will want to make sure that your article adds weight by using targeting keywords. You will notice that the topic here “Non Reciprocal Links” is mentioned through out the body periodically to add relevance and point people in the direction of the targeting phrase.

You may also want to submit to the search engines themselves and find out what sites are related to your site or you can use a prowler program to help you find valuable links that will ensure a place on the sites you currently submit to.

If you are going to publish a lot of articles, it is recommended that you keep track of every submission. If at all possible find additional places to submit your article to, you will find that the ranking that you get will be your reward.

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