Transparency – Wael Ghonim at European Zeitgeist 2011

Jon Snow interviews Wael Ghonim about his sudden rise as a famous Egyptian internet activist. Wael states that the internet causes leaders to be transparent. The Internet can fuel revolutions, which will permanently alter how future conflicts are fought and resolved.

Author: jolande

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7 thoughts on “Transparency – Wael Ghonim at European Zeitgeist 2011”

  1. this guy is hypocrite . just want to make show front of all and he didnt do anything in real . just crying front of TV wherever he go … so by tears be became a hero ? huh . wael i think ur new name will be Jumper … Jumper on what others done and he act like he did ! while he did not !!

  2. @lleosupercluster thanks, the conspiritus series is great am watching it .. but are these european zeitgeist interviews has any connections to the zeitgeist movement or illuminati ? can’t find this any where

  3. @fancystarh this should be sufficient enough:
    Essentially zeitgeist is a documentary that manipulates people. Is a kind of documentary where the truth is mixed with a bunch of lies and as we know the most dangerous lie is the one that contain truths in it.
    watch “Conspiritus remake” is much better

  4. @lleosupercluster the video was removed by the democratic elites ofcourse could u please give me more info or links about the relation between them.. thanks

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