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Two Areas To Watch Out in Article Marketing!

Two Areas To Watch Out in Article Marketing!

Article by Robin Ashbury

Article marketing as a concept is quite easy to fathom. If someone wants to earn from home and has good writing capability, then it is very easy for him or her to start article marketing and turn it into a cash rich venture. As easy as it seems, there are some points that may be noted about this concept of article marketing and one needs to refrain from following these points.

The first point is lack of patience. Some article marketers expect instant returns. In some cases, instant returns happen, but in most of the cases, it takes some time before the article marketing venture starts giving returns on investment. Since the investment does not require one to pump in money, it is worth waiting for. All one needs to do is spend time and continue writing the articles, at least 5 a day. Any business takes some time to start, then break even and finally earn profit. Same is the case with article marketing. If one loses patience mid way, then the project will fall on its face and all the effort will go in vain.

The second point is identifying and researching a niche product. Article marketing is only successful in cases of niche products. If someone is looking to market established products through article marketing, then the entire concept fails. Established products already have a market and there are multiple established vendors selling that product. Why would one go for a newcomer? So, it is essential that one goes for the venture using a niche product. Once the product is identified, all the keywords related to that product need to be identified. Many article marketers identify a couple of keywords and jump into the action of writing articles. This is a sure shot way to fail as a article marketer. The keyword list has to be exhaustive. Many article marketers pick up any niche product from the market and expect to earn from it. One needs to keep in mind that the seller (in this case the writer) needs to be aware of the product. The lack of knowledge about the product will reflect in the quality of the articles.

Not writing the right amount and the right kind of articles is another way to fail as a article marketer. To be a successful article marketer, one has to write 10 articles a day. Article writers are lazy by nature! Hence, even if someone is not willing to write 10 articles a day, less than 5 is a complete no-no. Apart from the quantity, lot of stress has to be given on quality. Simple copy and paste from existing articles on the Internet will be a disaster. It can land someone in trouble due to breach in copyright and also earn disrepute for him or her because some or the other reader will definitely identify their article as copied work.

Article marketing is easy but has to be done diligently. It requires patience and effort. With the right kind of effort, one can become a successful article marketer.

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