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Using Social Media Marketing to Further Your Business

Using Social Media Marketing to Further Your Business

The writing’s all over the wall- ‘Social media is all set to stay and shall be a contributing factor in everything we do’. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have always been a common thread for friends and family to stay together. Corporate companies were quick to realize the impact of social media on the general public. In fact it’s a norm for most companies to have a social media campaign running parallel to their conventional marketing strategies. Even before a product is launched videos of it are uploaded through YouTube, pictures and fan pages are created through Facebook, and updates are posted via Twitter. Sometimes social media marketing campaigns are kick started, even before conventional print and television campaigns takes off.

But if you thought a social media campaign was all about posting updates and uploading videos… think again! Last year, over 13 million hours of footage was uploaded and I’m sure a majority of them were people trying to sell something; could be an idea, a philosophy, a service or even a product. Companies thinking of taking the plunge into social media need to remember that their video would have to compete with these millions. The same goes with Facebook and Twitter.


Companies that have successfully established themselves in the social media promotion platform have to do it without taken the oft-trodden path. A leading brand for example, recently started a campaign where small online ads were placed alongside the Facebook profile pages. The tagline was compelling enough to attract people, and when the cursor moved to the ad, an instruction which asked the user to hover to expand, listed out real time updates about the product. This ad was very effective as it managed to avoid what most net users hate; being redirected to another page. Google has pointed that only one in thousand users click the ‘learn more’ tabs that appear on ads. Giving information on the same ad was a very effective way of communicating with users.

Companies also need to remember that their campaign is as effective as the company marketing it. When choosing an internet marketing company for your social media marketing campaign remember to choose a company with care and consideration. So called SEO experts who claim proficiency in the social media platform are dime a dozen. Their beaten to death strategies would nothing to raise consumer interest in the product.

An internet company that can think out of the box and provide with unique content should be the right choice.

A social media marketing campaign can make or break a product. The author is an expert social media marketing strategists and has written several articles to help people understand social media promotion.

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