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Valuable Mobile Marketing Tips Based On Tested Marketing Principles

Valuable Mobile Marketing Tips Based On Tested Marketing Principles

Article by Randy Andy

Mobile marketing is much like the internet was back during the dot com boom. Internet marketers are staring right in the face of amazing marketing potential with the intense competition among telecommunication giants for greater shares of the smart phone market. Not all online marketers will seize this opportunity, but it really doesn’t matter due to the sheer volumes and numbers of people entering the smart phone market each day. If you’re an IM marketer who has yet to get involved with mobile marketing, then really there is nothing to lose and only much to gain. We want you to succeed, and to that end we’re offering several mobile marketing tips to get things going for you.

When you begin your own mobile marketing campaigns, be sure you take the extra time and effort to preserve an organized record of contact information for your prospects. You can easily do this by using a guestbook, enter and save their names into your cell phone, take their business cards or start using Excel for this purpose. Try to use all the contact data you have on your prospects and keep that for further use because you can use it in a variety of ways. Make sure you’re recording notes about what kind of customers are coming back to do business with you. What you will be doing is taking all the information you accumulate and begin to tailor your offers to certain people. Note down what kind of customers are interested in a sale, which customers like coupons, etc. You want to accumulate as much data as possible because it is that information that will allow you to become a “smarter” marketer with them.

Don’t text anybody who hasn’t opted to receive your texts. A lot of newer marketers to mobile think there is no mobile marketing spam, and guess what – they are wrong. You want to do business with people, and making them mad is not the way to go about doing it. Just keep that in mind, but if you don’t believe us, we understand. Give it a shot and see how it goes.

You should at least consider this new ad platform because it has a lot of potential, and these mobile marketing tips are just the right way to get off to a good start. The possibilities with mobile are staggering, and it’s amazing because new accounts are created every day. We suggest you avoid thinking this is overnight wealth because it is not, but it is true that you can make a bundle if you become good at it and keep at it.

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