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What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Article by Aris Akinz

To join the highest paying affiliate programs is the dream of many newbies to affiliate opportunities. Success is what counts and not the level of commissions

First of all, what is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a process whereby a person markets a products for a merchant on the internet and receives a commission for it.

Affiliates usually earn from 25 to 75 percent for each sale achieved from various means of attracting traffic on the internet.

Compensation is then made either through check, paypal or direct deposit into the affiliates bank account

Affiliate marketing pays handsomely for the merchant for he may have hundreds of affiliates marketing his product for him and earning him money. It is a win win situation for both parties.

The affiliate can earn commission in other ways rather just selling products ways such as google adsense or in pay-per-lead program.

To access affiliate opportunties, simply search for ” affiliate opportunities” on google and hundreds will pop up. The most respected presently is clickbank.com

Many merchants are themselves also affiliates for other peoples products! They therefore not only sell their own products but those of others as well.

There are several ways to market these products online.

You can use solo ads, banner ads, pay per click advertising and much more.

The most commonly used is article marketing where a marketer writes an article relevant to what he or she is marketing and submits the article in an article directory such as ezinearticles.com or goarticles.com in order to drive traffic.

Many website owners and bloggers frequent these article directories for articles to use on their sites. Also ezine owners needing content visit these directories for articles to send to their subscribers. Also the search engines love article directories since they provide relevant information to searchers.

The beauty about affiliate marketing is that you earn based on your sales. There is no gimmickry. The merchant have done all the work for you. Simply market his products efficiently and you start earning very good money.

There are even affiliate programs where affiliates can have their own affiliates. The affiliates of affiliates are called sub-affiliates.

Some affiliates earn very good money by having lots of sub-affiliates promoting for them. Imagine if you had 100 sub-affiliates and each one was selling an average of 1 product a month. If you earned per sale, that would be ,000 and you do no work at all!

So whats stopping you? Get on the bandwagon of affiliate marketing and start making money today.

Remember to succeed in affiliate marketing, find a good product to market and find a successful way to market. It is not necessary the highest paying affiliate programs that pays.

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