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What is Linkwheel? How to Create an Effective Linkwheel?

What is Linkwheel? How to Create an Effective Linkwheel?

Article by Aamir Raza

Linkwheel is interconnected group web 2.0 sites that are directed to a main website. It is a highly effective link building concept, and is used by search engine experts. It works on a natural pattern of creating links, and is totally different from the concept of network of websites. In the past search engine optimizers used the concept of network of websites that failed. This method of creating links failed because in this method all sites were directed to one site, and was not interconnected. How to create an effective link wheel? It is really simply to create an effective link. To create an effective linkwheel, for instance create 9 micro websites on web 2.0. You can create micro sites by using following web 2.0 sites.

SquidooWordpress.comHubPagesWeeblyVoxTumblrBlogsomeBloggerUnderstanding how linkwheel works? Let me explain the process of how a link wheel works. For instance if you are creating 9 micro sites in your linkwheel and the targeting site is “main site”, then: Micro site 1 links to micro site 2 and back to the “main site” Micro site 2 links to micro site 3 and back to the “main site” Micro site 3 links to micro site 4 and back to the “main site” And will work on the same pattern so on. After that you can write articles and posts that are related to your niche. When a user will search information related to a keyword, he will be directed to the pages you have created. This linkwheel strategy is very successful as it creates a natural pattern of links. Advantages of linkwheel A linkwheel work like a franchise and the main site is located in the center. While all micro sites created in web 2.0 using specific keywords will provide reader many reference points. We all know do follow links play an important role in driving online traffic to your website. Linkwheel generates lots of do follow links that are permanent.It is a white hat SEO technique, and creates a natural flow of links to and fro to the main site. Online traffic will automatically increase to main site, as micro sites containing original content will be directed to the main site. Linkwheel strategy is excellent way to create links; it automatically submits articles to the RSS feed.Linkwheel’s amazing feature is that, it displays content related to a specific keyword in a way that, the person searching for the content closely related to that keyword will be automatically directed to the micro sites. Your site’s visibility is increased after creation of link wheel. Lots of people search on the internet to find information related to a specific keyword. When they will click on your website and find the content interesting they will tell it about others. Word of mouth helps a lot in getting more visitors. The role of social bookmarking sites such as stumble upon, digg is extremely important in the publicity of your site. In this way linkwheel is source of creating many direct and indirect links.Linkwheel has done a great job of satisfying customers. In the past, user’s precious time was spent on opening different websites. However, linkwheel made it easy. it directs the users to the pages that content the related information on a specific topic.I hope you will find this article informative. This article will resolve lots of your queries regarding linkwheel.Further details visit Search Engine Optimization Toronto and hire our Best SEO Servives Toronto
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