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Why Does Article Marketing Sometimes Fail?

Why Does Article Marketing Sometimes Fail?

Article by Terry Detty

Inevitably, it has not met their expectations and if you ask them today they will tell you that it just doesn’t work. They know this because they have tried it out and have the results to prove it. These types of people are similar to a person who does not understand jet aircrafts, yet tries to fly one. The most probable result is that they will tell you the thing doesn’t fly.

Then there are those who have had only a little success from their article marketing. Some of them have jumped to the conclusion that unless a person has thousands of promotional articles completed; this marketing technique will just not work. There are also those people who have been listening to those who have tried to promote their online businesses and failed. These folks do not feel the need to try out anything for themselves. They already think that it does not work.

Sadly, all these people miss out on the great opportunity to easily make their online businesses a great success by using promotional articles correctly. It is useful at this juncture to carefully examine the reasons why promotional articles fail to work for some people.

Failure To Understand Your Objectives

Articles can serve a number of different objectives for an online marketer. Sometimes articles can be used with the objective of gaining links from highly page ranked Google sites only. The more sites that have a high PR with links pointing to your site, the higher of a ranking your site will get. In fact, the quickest way for a brand new site to get indexed by Google search engines, is to get a link from a high ranking site that covers an area that is closely related to their topic.

The most obvious objective for a promotional article would be to get immediate direct traffic from it, by posting it to various high traffic article directories. Another possible marketing objective of an article would be to create a favorable image, by enlisting the owner of the site as an expert in the subject matter being covered by the site.

Another fairly common objective would be to create as many one way links as possible pointing to the site being promoted. For this purpose the kind of article created is called a link bait article.

Failure To Understand The Correct Article Marketing Techniques

To achieve the various objectives, different techniques and skills have to be applied. The problem with most people, who try out article marketing and fail, is that they are not aware of the tough requirements to make promotional articles work. They are also completely ignorant of the various skills levels needed.

For instance, it is virtually impossible for any article marketing campaign to be fully successful without SEO (search engine optimization) skills. SEO skills will enable the article writer to use the most effective keywords for the anchored text when linking. This will make a huge difference in the final results a webmaster receives when they are looking to build up the number of links pointing to their site.

In the event that one creates a link baiting article, it is not enough to post at high traffic article directories only. Such an article needs to be promoted as much as possible, which means using social network sites. Some of these sites get millions of visitors at a time and this is the kind of publicity needed.

Another key skill that is important in making article marketing successful is headline writing skills. Without a good headline it doesn’t matter how good the article is. The most probable result is that most people will never get to see it, let alone read it. For example, link baiting starts with an excellent headline that draws attention to the article. Your article titles are what will determine the volume of direct traffic that you will end up getting from articles posted at leading article directories.

Terry P. Detty acknowledges that his Best Search Engine Marketing and Mass Email Marketing programs are a couple of his passions in life. He also enjoys reading, writing and camping in the great outdoors.  Terry’s latest interest is an Web Directory Submission program he’s been using quite often, which allows him to continue enjoying a stress free life.

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Terry P. Detty acknowledges that his Best Search Engine Marketing and Mass Email Marketing programs are a couple of his passions in life. He also enjoys reading, writing and camping in the great outdoors.?

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