Why Hide Facebook Friends? How To Hide Friends On Facebook

susannahess.com You may be wondering “Why hide facebook friends?” Don’t I want to show off how many I have? Let’s talk about a couple of things you may not have thought of… If you decide you DO want to hide those friends, HOW do you actually do it? I’ll show you exactly how to hide friends on Facebook. Everyone with a Facebook account needs to know this information, and then make a decision about what’s most important to them, regarding their Friends on Facebook. For more tips you can use today, visit http
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11 thoughts on “Why Hide Facebook Friends? How To Hide Friends On Facebook”

  1. @johnkristoffertibaya

    Hi, to hide your YouTube friends you will click on your user name at the top right, and then click the “settings” link. On the left side of that page are some other links to various options, click on the “privacy” option, and near the bottom is the box you need to uncheck “friends”. Don’t forget to save it before you leave that page.

    Hope that helps!

  2. miss susanna, first off i want to say thanks for this, cause it took like 10 minutes to try and do it myself. :/ and secondly, you have a really good commercial voice. it sounds professional, and ear grabbing.

    that’s all. 🙂

  3. @derohneusername
    ok, still possible but more hidden or at least i dont find another shortcut:
    account -> privacy settings -> “connecting on facebook”: view settings -> see friends list -> customize

  4. Hi Susanna,

    Good tip! Whether or not to hide friends can be a difficult decision. Your video helps clarify the issues . . . and the “how to” information is valuable.

    To your success,

  5. Oh good, I’m glad you found it useful. It’s an important topic to me and as I look around I realized I needed to share it.

    Thank you for such a nice comment!

  6. Great presentation Susan. I’ve always been conscious about exposing friends and family to the large number of friends that I generate for business purposes and was going to google or go to facebook help for instructions. I enjoyed your instruction better than the typical instruction I get from either of those sources. You should post more often.

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