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WordPress For SEO

WordPress For SEO

Article by Expert SEO – Samantha Burkle

Here is an overview of how WordPress can assist with your on site SEO.

In order to improve your page rank you better perform SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. By doing SEO your aim is to gain the top spot on the search engine results.

When people search for something in, for example Google, and your website is displayed on the first page, the probability of them visiting your website is higher.

Each search engine has it’s own criteria for ranking, but the basics are identical. Optimizing your web content, inserting keywords in to meta tags and creating sitemaps are some of the methods to increase page rank.

The term SEO applies to 2 sets of activity that increases page ranking; On page and off page. You can increase your on-page SEO by adding your keyword to various fields that the search engines read. additional examples include using alternative text on your images or using anchor text on your hyperlinks. Off-site SEO is concerned with the number of links from other sites going to your site, this is known as back linking.

WordPress is excellent for SEO. Here are some WordPress SEO tips.

– Use a bold font for your keywords, Google thinks that if you’ve made this text bold, it must be very important to your article. Anchor text is the easy to read text people see when they click on a link. You can create this my highlighting any text in a page or post and clicking the link icon, the inserting the web address.

– You can optimize the images inside your website effortlessly. To optimize an image – upload it with a keyword rich file name, change it’s description, alternative text and the image title.

– With a WordPress plugin such as the ‘Ultimate SEO Plugin’ you can very simply add information such as – meta tags, keywords and descriptions.

More visitors means more income. While you can of course pay for traffic, SEO is the best way to get free visitors to your web site.

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