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Zenya to Search Ad Agencies and SEM advertisers: how to download relevant, categorized SEM keywords

Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviews Stephen W. Scarr, CEO, Zenya, at SES Chicago 2011. Stephen discusses the important role keywords play in SEO, developing the right ad groups, and driving relevant clicks. Historically, keyword research has been very time consuming for companies looking to build out keywords within their own ad groups. Zenya is a plug and play platform. It enables ad agencies to subscribe to the platform and select a category that is relevant for their client’s needs and download those particular keywords. Its platform features 50 million plus search terms that are being categorized in 125000 categories. Zenya has six million unique users and is growing its database of some 3 billion search terms. Zenya provides Search Ad Agencies and large SEM advertisers a simple platform to find and download relevant, categorized SEM keywords. Zenya enhances clients’ SEM efforts by providing, via subscription, access to a wide range of relevant search keywords and the time-saving intelligence and structure to achieve the highest ROI. With Zenya, businesses can overcome the mounting challenges of today’s Internet search marketplace: facilitating, managing and building keyword lists; organizing thousands or even millions of search phrases; interpreting user intent; and targeting those users with relevant ads. To learn more about Zenya’s offerings, please visit: www.zenya.com To learn more about speaking at SES Chicago, please visit www.seschicago.com Join SES on Facebook
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