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Zero Friction Marketing Review – Is It Really The Easiest Way To Make Money Online?

Zero Friction Marketing Review – Is It Really The Easiest Way To Make Money Online?

Article by Ben Maxfield

Popular products such as Affiliate Funnel System, Affiliate PayLoad, Four Tier Annihilation, and The Site Rush were all created by an internet mastermind. Now this mastermind is at it again with his latest release called ‘Zero Friction Marketing’.

If you don’t know who I’m talking about by now, his name is Saj P. I personally have purchased and used all the products he has released. From rereading his material and watching his videos over and over, I can tell you this guy really knows what he’s doing. Saj P is a pro at teaching average people from all walks of life how to make money online real fast, so it’s no wonder all his products have have shot straight up to number one.

Zero Friction Marketing is nothing short of revolutionary and will definitely be another number one product. The course teaches you never before seen methods for promoting CPA offers.

CPA means cost per action and in CPA you are making profits every time a person takes a certain action on the publisher’s website. This is why CPA offers are becoming increasingly popular, because in CPA no one has to buy anything from you inorder for you to get paid.

In the Zero Friction Marketing you are going to learn exactly that. How to determine a valuable product to promote, how to discover great CPA offers that will pay you much more than any other offer, how to pick a CPA offer that will convert very high, and a lot more than that.

Each course teaches you something unique and everything in the course is straight forward. There is little to no fluff included in this course. Even an experienced Internet Marketer will benefit from reading the material and watching the videos.

Zero Friction Marketing makes you discover the truth that other gurus have been keeping secret. Many gurus will tell you the only way to promote CPA offers is to do it through Google AdWords. However, this is far from the truth.

The whole philosophy behind the course is the ‘3M Method’. These 3Ms are MSN, MySpace, and Media Buying.

The MSN module shows you how to set up campaigns and utilize this pay-per-click system for high conversions.

The MySpace module is about advertising on MySpace and teaches you how to target by demographics.

The Media Buying module teaches you how to utilize sites like Adbrite to display banners on sites around the web.

With this kind of information you can be making money the same day! No joking. The course contains a number of powerful money making techniques. Just one of the methods alone can make you thousands every week, possibly everyday.

With all that said, all you have to do is see how powerful Zero Friction Marketing is for yourself. You have nothing to lose, because there’s a 60 day money back guaranteed if you feel its not for you.

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