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3 steps for a solid monthly link building

3 steps for a solid monthly link building


Let’s face it; it is important that we ask the help of an SEO company to do our linkbuilding. This is because it is a tedious process. If you have not seen how it is done, you would feel that it is a simple process but for those of you who tried to work it like the pros, it can be quite frustrating the first time. Linkbuilding takes a lot of time and effort to effectively address so for your own sanity, it might be best to have experts do it for you. One kind of service is the monthly linkbuilding service. This is a very useful and potent option for your linkbuilding.

Why monthly?For something to be perfected, it has to be done continuously. To develop a habit, you have to do it several times consistently. That is the same thing with monthly link building. You need to have it done continuously. A company will normally ask for a couple of weeks to manage all the links that they will create to link to your site. This is a necessary aspect that you should consider. After that, the company will let the links for quite some time before going back and checking its status. Checking them every month is decent enough so that you can see which links are holding up, which ones were short lived and how many more you will add.

AnalysisTo get started with the monthly linkbuilding, the expert will first try to analyze the needs of your site. They will check your site ranking, your keyword usage and all other necessary aspects using various web products and software. Analysis is an important tool in monthly linkbuilding since it helps in giving the experts an idea of how much linkbuilding efforts will be done for the site. For a new site, there are a number of things that should be considered before venturing forth with linkbuilding service. This will help the website owner to establish the site first before the links start pouring.

ProcessThe monthly linkbuilding will begin with the keyword analysis and search. High ranking keywords that are related to your site will be used all over your website, the content and others. The keywords need to be used consistently to ensure that you will be seen by your targeted audience when they type in the keyword. This is also necessary so that you can get indexed by the search engines. Other services for linkbuilding include blog commenting, article submissions, link exchanges, search engine advertising and all other possible options that are necessary for you.

ReportingLastly, the monthly linkbuilding will be reported after a month. In the report, you will see the information like your traffic, page ranking and all other details. Do not expect too much in the first few months even if a lot of links were already made. It is a time consuming process and requires a good follow through.

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