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5 Easy Ways for to Avoid Linkbuilding Spam

5 Easy Ways for to Avoid Linkbuilding Spam

Article by Iswarya Murali

5 Easy Ways for to Avoid Linkbuilding SpamIf you are a link builder, one of the most frequent issues that you have to deal with is avoid getting marked as spam, especially when you are trying to get links from blog comments. Writing good comments is not rocket science, all it requires is some additional effort from you. Read on to know what kind of quality standards a link builder should maintain to get backlinks.1. The blogger is giving you a valuable link. So, the least you can do is not spam. I have seen instances where people just visit my blog just in order to increase page rank. They just write promotional stuff about their website as a comment. There is no way such a comment is going to get approved.2. Just because a blog is dofollow doesn’t mean you can try to get as many links as possible. Don’t stuff up your comment with links. In fact unless you are pointing out to some resource that might be relevant, don’t use links in the comment at all. After all, you are already getting a link from the URL field. 3. Spare some effort to actually read the post. I agree that the whole point of commenting on various blogs is to get backlinks and thereby increase page rank, but sparing some effort will actually create a favorable impression about you, and you might even end up establishing a good relationship with the blogger. 4. Try to leave some insightful comment rather than a generic “Nice!”, “Good blog!”,etc. As I mentioned in my earlier point, read the post and contribute something of essence. If you don’t have anything useful to say, it’s better not to comment at all. 5. You don’t necessarily have to agree to whatever the blogger says. Even if you are contradicting him/her, there is no need to criticize the post overly. Put down your arguments politely, in a concise and clear fashion.Follow these steps for quality linkbuilding, and you will see that you can increase page rank more than ever.

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Iswarya Murali is an expert in SEO and she has a link building service ( www.p2w2.com/link-building.php ) that is unique and helps businesses get backlinks without having to spend lot of time or money towards this task. She can be reached at her phone 630.445.1049 or through email on her page.

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