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Free Search Engine Optimization, LinkBuilding and Advertising Rolled into One

Free Search Engine Optimization, LinkBuilding and Advertising Rolled into One

Article by Kristie Lorette

There is a marketing method that allows you to take advantage of search engine optimization, link building and advertising all rolled into one. What is this marketing magic? Free online classified ads.

If you sit down once a week, craft an online classified ad about your business product or service and post it on free online classified ad sites, it can help boost your search engine rankings, accomplish link building efforts and advertise your business. If you offer more than one product or service, then classified ads are an even better marketing option because you can create an individual ad for each item! Create an ad each week that pertains to a different product or service and alternate these ads so that you’re posting a new ad each week. You should also create a general ad about your business and use this is your ad rotation as well.

Go to free classified websites such as:

* Craigslist * iList * Kijiji * Backpage

Choose the appropriate category and place your classified ad-for free. Each week use a different ad and then alternate week after week.

For example, a marketing firm may have an ad about writing press releases, writing brochures, writing website copy, etc. Week one, the firm posts the press release ad, week two it posts the brochure ad, and week three it posts the website copy ad. In total, the firm has over 15 ad versions. When it posts ad number 15, it starts back at the beginning and posts the first ad again.

It’s not about the business you’re in. It’s about consistently and proactively marketing it. And this is all from something that doesn’t cost you a dime. If you have an assistant or office personnel that can do this for you, then it doesn’t even cost you your time to use online classified ads!

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Copywriter and marketing consultant, Kristie Lorette, is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses create copy and marketing pieces that sizzle, motivate, and sell. She is also the author of Action Marketing: A Step-by-step Guide to Launch Your Business Marketing Plan. For more information, visit wp.me/ptLrh-1.

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