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Linkbuilding Tips For SEO

Linkbuilding Tips For SEO

Article by Mark Sherris

Mark Sherris Marketing is a top SEO Company based in the UK. In this article I’m going to discuss the importance of link building for SEO and how to obtain high quality links that significantly improve rankings in the search engines and don’t damage them.Many people believe that in order to gain top rankings you need MORE links, unfortunately this isn’t true and the truth is that more links won’t necessarily mean higher rankings, firstly let’s take a look at what links mean and how we can actually gain top quality links.Gaining links back to our site (or clients sites) is of course very important but there’s a few things that need to be taken into account such as the following:1) Is the website your linking from relevant? – Now this isn’t always possible after all the reason a very popular site may become popular in the search engines is because there content firstly becomes popular therefore people automatically link in to it. Of course when other webmasters / site owners link into another site it’s not possible to check relevancy therefore this doesn’t matter, however often client sites that are based around a specific topic such as accounting, business services, golf equipment or car audio equipment won’t get linked to randomly by webmasters because the content isn’t exciting! Although the content may be very good, people only link into stuff that is very educational (a good article) or something that’s generally funny such as a funny YouTube video, or a good high quality YouTube video! That’s why we have things such as “viral videos”. Getting back to the point though, making sure your links are relevant when you are actually looking for links is very important, because a link to a site about golf equipment coming from a SEO article isn’t very relevant whereas a link from a golf club review article would be relevant.2)Trust Score and Page Rank – Most people won’t have done this however if you have ever used any link analysis software you’ll see that the website ranked number 1 does not necessarily have the most links, in fact sometimes the site ranked number two could have 1000’s more links than the site at no.1 and there’s a reason to this. The reason is that links give different values and a link from a PR9 site is a lot more valuable than a link from a PR1 site, so even though the site ranked number 1 may have 1000 less links than the site ranked number 2 because the links are coming from sites with a high page rank the site automatically ranks higher. This is the same for Trust Score/Rank too, if a page is very well trusted by Google such as an.edu site or.gov site then the link will be very valuable as these stand for educational and government which are naturally very trusted by Google.3) Anchor Text – Anchor Text is something very important and it’s one of the major ranking factors when you are trying to rank for specific terms. Anchor Text refers to the text that covers your link. In order words it’s a hyper link! The link anchor text needs to be exactly the same as the specific keyword(s) that you want to rank for. This means that if you want to rank for the term big orange then your anchor text needs to be “big orange”. See how it works?

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