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PageRank in relation to linkbuilding

PageRank in relation to linkbuilding

Article by Chris Thomson

Link building is the most challenging aspect of SEO. Webmasters the world over struggle with this aspect of SEO, and SEO practitioners are constantly re-developing the methods they use to acquire new links from websites. When linkbuilding, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, not every link is equal in value, Google values a link based on a whole multitude of factors, not just anchor text. Is the link contained on a page that’s relevant to the site being linked to? Where on the page is the link placed? What about the text surrounding the link, is this text contextually relevant to the page on the site being linked to? All of these factors, and many, many more come into play when Google is assessing the relative important or value of a link to your site.

PageRank is an indicator of page importance, but it is just one of many indicators – do not become fixated on this subject. It is worth noting that the PageRank value depicted in your toolbar may not even be the true importance value Google has assigned to a particular page. PageRank is updated in cycles, usually once every three to four months. As such, it is nigh impossible to get a true indication on the PageRank value of a particular page. A page may have decline or increased in “importance” since Google last updated the PageRank value. As such, it’s well worth attempting to acquire links from website’s or pages that you see increasing in importance (these pages are already important in Google’s eyes, even though PageRank values are updated only once every three to four month, Google’s own internal value it assigns to each page (the value that will form the base of future PageRank updates) is constantly updated.

It is also worth noting when looking at pages on which to acquire links that there can be a world of difference in importance between two pages that share a similar or the same PageRank value. The value you see in the toolbar is merely an indicator, Google’s base PageRank value is actually calculated on a scale of about 20 decimal points (the true extent of decimal points that Google bases is calculation on is open to interpretation). This means a page with a page rank value of four could have a true value of 4.7 or 4.8 – whereas another page with a PageRank value of four could have a value of 4.1. While PageRank is a good indicator of the relative importance of a page, it is not the be all and end all.

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