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Why Social Bookmarking Essential in Linkbuilding

Why Social Bookmarking Essential in Linkbuilding

Article by Mark Ritchie

Social bookmarking is not just helps us in traffic generation but we can get so much links through social bookmarking websites for our articles. There are some popular social bookmarking websites like digg, stumbleupon, reditt which are very famous for deriving huge traffic but have you ever imagine that you can increase thousands of links from social bookmarking websites.

What is social bookmarking?In simple words ???In social bookmarking system, users save links to web pages that they want to remember and/or share with others.â??

There are lots of famous social bookmarking websites like digg, reditt, stumbleupon, mixx & delicious etc. Every website has their own method of bookmarking where you just need to create an account & start saving your bookmarks. There are lots of articles available on web for â??how to work on social bookmarking websitesâ??. In this article we would like to share how social bookmarking can help us in linkbuilding & how we can increase thousands of links from these websites.

How to increase links through social bookmarking website? Mixx, proppler, digg, reddit & stumbleupon are the most famous social bookmarking websites to increase backlinks. You just simply need to create an account & follow the below mentioned instructions. Here I am sharing an example about mixx

1. Create account on mixx & other websites with the same name if available. Search available user names on 400 websites. It helps you to become famous in social media.

2. You can use one Gmail id to create account & add that Gmail id in your all profiles.

3. You should spend around 1hr-2hrs in a day to do some activities on your account like network growth & bookmarking.

4. Start adding some social media friends on Gmail.

5. Follow some friends & ask them to follow you back.

6. Once you submit your articles on these websites try to get some votes from IM friends or by sharing on social networking websites like twitter or facebook.

7. If your article is good then Mixx will promote your article on their home page with different-2 categories & you will receive hundreds of links for one article.

[Socialbookmarking results]

Mixx is a no1. Website to increase backlinks & from here you can learn How Mixx can help us in SEO. If you want to know more about social media, seo related articles then visit our website as SEO Company India.

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