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Get To Know Link Builder Pro

Get To Know Link Builder Pro

Article by Bafrancine Wetzel

As you well know, if your online business cannot get targeted traffic, you’re in serious trouble – plus it’s something that not every business can easily achieve. Link builder Pro is a software application that provides a great deal of traffic generating automation that targets common Web 2.0/social media sites, forums, etc. So what makes Link Builder Pro different? It not only turns your site into a traffic magnet but at the same time helps you boost your search engine ranking, along with boosting your page rank. Building backlinks that are relevant to your site is another task that will be done for you, all automatically. We wanted to review Link builder Pro for you, and hopefully you’ll have a better understanding of how it performs automated SEO on your behalf.Automatically Creates Linkwheel – First of all, Link Builder Pro is not your regular SEO software. It helps you in many different ways by automating a lot of your work. It aids you in producing linkwheels automatically where the software not only gathers information for your accounts, but also verifies the email address, and finally submitting the spun articles to web 2.0 sites without you having to take any manual steps.Automatically Submits RSS Feeds – Creating RSS feeds for your Linkwheels was never this easy because Link Builder Pro allows you to do just that and also submits the feeds to 10 RSS directories. This gets your linkwheels even more exposure because of higher search engine rankings.Automatically Social Bookmarks – The software bookmarks your sites to more than 30 social bookmarking sites so that you can have laser targeted traffic directed to you.Automatically Builds Form Profile Links – This is a very beneficial function when it comes to boosting your page rank because the software literally puts together accounts on high PR forums, verifies your emails and submits your links to them, which are in included I the software itself. What’s more, you can input your own high page rank forums into the software, making it more convenient for you to stay ahead of your rivals.Proxy Support – The software tool supports a variety of proxies, such as private ones and http ones. The latest version of the software supports rotating proxies, which is helpful for link building because it lets you build a lot of profile links using different accounts on a high page rank forum, keeping your real IP address safe. This also makes the whole process look natural from the search engines’ perspective.In conclusion the above review shows how Link Builder Pro can be your solution to SEO automation.

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