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How to Make a Link Wheel to Get More Traffic

How to Make a Link Wheel to Get More Traffic

Article by raj warne

Linkwheel is a concept of many of the Search Engine Optimization strategies and has become most popular in today’s era. The purpose of link wheel is to drive most of the traffic towards your website that you desire to be the central point of your strategy of making money online. You can even use link wheel for affiliate marketing and for improving the Search Engine ranking. To clear the concept of link wheel, here is the summary of the concept of link wheel:

“A Link wheel is a set of promotional mini-sites with editorials about features of our big business position that all connect to your major site, and generally linkage to each other.”

Now, to make a link wheel, you should know the proper steps to build a link wheel which will draw most of the traffic towards your blog or website.

How to form a linkwheel?

When you are planning to create a link wheel, you may start by making a squidoo lens regarding your website, which should have a proper link back to your blogger or website. You can open your account by simple registration and then you can submit your text or content on that site.

Second step is to write an educational article which makes an excellent read, then submit your article on the directories or any other top web 2.0 property. Then you may be able to link your article to your squidoo lens as well as the main site.

The next step is to make a Hubpage regarding your topic of the site which can be done by going to Hubpages.com. Then link this to the last created web2.0 as well as the main site. You can easily setup your Hubpage account and as soon as you make an account, you can start posting.

Now you need to repeat the step for next 8-10 web properties. Now you are done with the link wheel and you can see the interlinking of the web 2.0 and all the sites pointing to your main site. You can now observe the considerable rise of your website ranking in just few days or a week.

Do’s and don’ts of the link wheel you created:

You must have proper knowledge about the do’s and don’ts of the link wheel which will affect your website. It will provide you with the positive and negative aspects which will in turn benefit you.

Linkwheel-Things to do:

? Build the link wheel with top “web 2.0 properties”

? Use main keywords in the name of mini site.

? Use main keywords in the title of mini site.

? Link your main site by every property.

? Ping your properties.

? Submitting your properties RSS feed to the feed aggregators.

? Should update your properties time to time with the fresh content.

Linkwheels-things not to do:

? Do not use the same content in all the properties.

? Do not use the similar Page Titles.

? Do not ping all the properties at the same time, you should do it randomly.

? Do not always submit all your properties RSS feeds at the same time.

Creating link wheel will require some time and once your link wheel is ready, you may experience great traffic towards your main site. You should ensure high quality content to enjoy the profits and traffic to your website. And you should update the content of your main site with the new content frequently which will help in the indexing. With the practice, you may become perfect at creating a link wheel.

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