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Link Builder Pro is the Best Way of Dominating the Search Engines

Link Builder Pro is the Best Way of Dominating the Search Engines

Article by Tinae Craft

All the gurus, for lack of a better word, recommend automating your online business as much as possible. There is a software program, that you should know from the title of this article, Link Builder Pro which allows a degree of automation for optimization purposes. Marketing tasks that used to take tons of hours when done manually can now be done in a few minutes. But what does that exactly mean?

Generating the kind of traffic you want, plus you’ll be able to accomplish the set-up time in mere fractions of the time it would take everyone else. The basic strategy with this application is built on social bookmarking sites, social media sites, and forum marketing, etc. What’s more it also allows you to build high quality one way backlinks to your site, which means a higher search engine ranking and an increased page rank. In the following review article we will be looking into how Link Builder Pro can actually be useful in automating your online marketing and to what extent it can be productive.

Automatically Creates Linkwheels: First, Link Builder Pro is a different kind of SEO software program. The program differs because most of your work is done for you. You will have your linkwheels developed for you, you will have your accounts made for you, you will have your email verified for you, and you’ll even have your spun articles sent to web 2.0 sites.

Link Builder Pro also designs RSS feeds for you to enable your linkwheels to make it to the best directories. RSS feeds are becoming more important for letting others get a hold of your information. Not only that, but your linkwheels will allow you to get a higher ranking with the searches because of the RSS feeds.

It’s a huge mistake to try and promote anything on the internet without making use of social bookmarking. You don’t have to worry because Link Builder Pro will deliver your bookmarks to 30+ sites. When your link is submitted to that many social bookmarking sites, you’ll get direct traffic and as well as search engine traffic. Building Forum Profile Links Automatically: When you look on the internet, you will discover that many forums have high rankings and they can offer you great linking power. Link Builder Pro allows you to automatically create accounts on such forums and have your link placed in the profile created. You will basically be getting a load of links since the software knows of hundreds of forums you can use to get more links, and thus improve your height in the search engines.

Supporting Proxies: Link Builder Pro helps you utilize proxies so that you can design multiple profiles on high PR forums. You’ll even be able to use private proxies with this software. You’ll be able to use this to create hundreds of fantastic links and you’ll never have to fret that your IP is about to get banned. Apart from that, search engines like such natural link building. All in all, after looking at Link Builder Pro, it seems as though it’s for anyone who wants everything automated so that they can concentrate on making their business grow.

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