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5 Top Ways of Getting Free Traffic for Your Site

5 Top Ways of Getting Free Traffic for Your Site

Article by Siyamak White

Free traffic for your website can be generated very easily and it does not take so much time. There are top ways of getting traffic for your site which are used by the top internet marketers. Search engine optimization, social networking sites, Google and Social Bookmarking Sites are the best places to generate free traffic for your site. Read on to know how you can get traffic for free using the methods i just mentioned above.

You can get free traffic for your site by doing search engine optimization. Doing Search Engine Optimization on your site will make it easy for your site to rank fast on search engines. If you are new in internet marketing and you do not know how to do search engine optimization, do not panic. You can easily learn SEO and also for free. Do a search on Google and you will get several articles on SEO. Read the articles and you will know what SEO is and how it is done. After you have learned it then you must apply the techniques if you want to succeed. You can also hire someone to optimize your site if you are not good at SEO.

Social sites are also a good source of free traffic for your site. Facebook is the largest social network right now with more than 500 million users. This clearly show that, if you learn to use them to promote your site you will get lots of free traffic to your site. You must learn how you can utilize these sites to get free traffic to your sites. For example on facebook you can create pages or groups and use them to promote your site. On Twitter follow people who are on the same niche as you.

Free traffic for your site can also be from Google. People who go online uses Google to search for what they want to buy or read. Google is the biggest search engine and therefore many people would use it daily when they are searching for something. These people would visit sites that appear on the first page of Google. You must therefore optimize your site so that it ranks well on search engines. You can hire SEO experts to optimize your site.Drive free traffic for your site using social bookmarking sites. This is done easily by bookmarking all your articles on Social bookmarking sites that have a high pagerank and also that have the high traffic volumes. You will be exposing your site to a wider audience. You will also be increasing backlinks to your site, which would increase your pagerank.

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