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How To Make The Perfect Landing Pages For A PPC Campaign.

What are Landing Pages?
Landing pages or often called squeezepages are those pages on which your visitors lands once clicking on a “Call To Action” (CTA) form online where they have to fill in some information to get a free gift or newsletter subscription in return. There are several call to actions possible like a zip code or telephone number or other information that can be useful to run your advertising campaign like an address or city name. The landing pages are specially designed for specific ad campaigns.and it provides the whole marketing info about the product when a customer land on one of these pages.  Furthermore, it creates leads which directly impacts the sales and it help to build yourself a customer base list of names to whom you can advertise about your offers another time again, which is called “building your list“. The perfect landing pages capture leads and user data for your campaigns.

For making top quality landing pages for the PPC campaign one must meet the following:

Mark your goal
Before starting a PPC campaign you ought to be clear about the goals of the campaign and to create the landing pages in line with it. These landing pages should accomplish your selling goals and a matching image or video will tell a thousand words.
The landing pages depends upon the goals you wish to achieve from it whether or not it might be sales, filling forms or registrations, etc. Once you have got your promoting goals clear regarding your campaigns, you (or your adteam) can do some competitive research.

Produce a customized heading
Landing pages optimization also have an effect on your quality score. High quality score would not solely decrease the cost-per-click however also cut back the general acquisition price.
You should keep in mind that the majority of the traffic comes through the heading created for your landing pages which is complementing the used keywords,

When a visitor reaches your landing pages, your heading should remind them the page they’re landing on is exactly what they need, searched for and clicked the ad for in
the first place. Be consistent and clear to ensure yourself the heading text and
design is good to go to attract attention.

Credibility is about you.
You should create trust to your visitors by enabling and showing them the trust symbols like safe-checkouts logos, awards, media mentions, consumer’s logos and testimonials. All these helps in developing the trust by the visitors for your campaign and your overall business. It is without saying that these symbols should be based on solid firms and statements of your trustworthy, on your website as well from your own efforts and by the quality content of the products or your customer service and you are not using false profiles, buttons or fake stats. Otherwise the trust of your customers is gone forever and I am pretty sure they never will come back to your website or name again.
Visitors ought to be confident about your credibility so that they get ensure that their mastercard and other info are secured with you and no misleading would ever occur.

Include offers and advantages
Include offers and advantages into your landing pages as to draw in your targeted audiences. This can facilitate in lead generation.

The offers and advantages provided should remain the same on the ad and additionally on the landing pages, in the same layout and style. If your offer is looking completely different than your landing pages most people are getting confused.
The promises you created on the ads should be strengthened on the landing pages. This can facilitate people in understanding the product and the benefits they will be getting when buying the product.

Add a “CTA” to your website
You as a marketer understand what you want from your customers however it’s not sure the other way round what you may be wanting from them. To solve this issue and to avoid misunderstandings you introduce the obvious Call to Action (CTA) that stands apart from the rest of the text.
This can facilitate the visitor to grasp what you expect him to do and what action he ought to take to “optin” to your landingpages.

Test your landing pages
One should create multiple landing pages for the ads that are running and they have to be relevant and related to the products being advertised or promoted. Therefore you need to find out which page and what campaign is doing better than the other one, so you have to “split-test” these pages to find it out. Track page insights instantly and improve them with A/B testing to help you find the best-performing webdesign on your landing pages. This testing of optimized landing pages is finished if you know which one is converting the best to make sure about getting quality traffic and sales. Connect any popular analytics and remarketing platform with your landing pages to track and optimize for the highest performance.

All these marketing efforts are helping you to create high converting landing pages for your PPC campaigns that will increase the traffic and sales over your ads and products. The moment people sign up and becoming your new customers by opting in –  you can start “nurturing” them by presenting them another of your great landing pages as you improve your skills by learning to create revenue for your business.

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