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One Way Linking? Yes! Reciprocal Linking? No!

One Way Linking? Yes! Reciprocal Linking? No!

Article by Pavithra Vinod Kumaar

Before we jump into why and why not, we need to figure out what is one way linking and reciprocal linking. Why are they important for your website? And then we go to why not reciprocal linking and why yes one way.

Link building is a concept where you link your website in another website. That is, you place your website?s link in another website. So the link acts as an entry point for users searching for a particular or related keyword.

For example, let us say a user is searching for a particular keyword and comes across a site A. And you have placed the link to your website (site B) tagged to the same or related keyword the user is searching for. He/she might be interested in looking into your website for that keyword and click on that link. And voila! You now have a user on your website!

This way, random users can be directed to your websites from other websites through legitimate link building. There are various strategies to link your website to another. This is a high paying strategy, user traffic-wise, followed by mane SEO link building campaigns. That is because search engines have high regards for one way linking and reward the user with better page rank.

One way Vs Reciprocal

One way links are bit difficult to obtain, though not very much. That is because, only one website gets benefitted and the hosting site does not. So, previously websites used to exchange each other?s links and post it on their website, regardless of whether they shared related content or not.

Search engines found it annoying for two reasons. Reciprocal linking was done to manipulate page rankings and it was misleading to users. There were no quality links and the search engines turned up with websites that had absolutely no relevance to what the user was searching.

To banish this problem search engines rejected any sites containing reciprocal linking and such sites never came up in the search results itself. It is thought that good sites with high page ranking will never go in for reciprocal linking if the other site?s purpose is only to get higher page rank. This is the reason why one way linking is supposed to be more credulous.

One way linking is regarded highly because for the hosting website to place your link on its website, your content must be worth something. If the hosting website finds your website not worth it, it is never going to allow it.

Most websites will host links only to those websites which they feel will benefit their visitors. Hence only reputed, trusted quality link will be hosted. Since there is a barricade between the hosting sites and the sites wanting to build link services, it just become a more meticulous task.

Since the strategy here is more on grounds of mutual respect, the same is appreciated by the search engines.

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