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Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal Links

Article by Sandy Naidu


What Is? When two websites agree to link to each other then its called reciprocal linking. Its also commonly called ‘link exchanges’.

Is It Still Relevant? There are lot of articles on the website claiming that search engine algorithms don’t give the same importance to reciprocal links as they did. Well this might well be true. But when you are starting even a small amount of importance counts. Recently when I launched a website I actively went out and sought some reciprocal links and I did notice that it made ‘some’ difference to its rankings. So my judgment on reciprocal links – when you are starting out you should definitely give reciprocal links a go. Once you are well established others will automatically link to you and so you don’t have to worry about reciprocal links as much.

So What Should You Do To Get A Reciprocal Link? Here are my tips:

* Don’t just approach anyone and everyone. Only approach sites which are relevant to your site. If you run a kids activity then you should approach other sites that offer kids products or activities – basically in the kids industry.

* First go to the website and see if they have a links page. If they don’t have one then don’t bother approaching them. They probably don’t do any link exchanges anyway.

* Also try to get the name of the owner (if they have that information listed on the website).

* Send them a short email about who you are and mention that you want to exchange links with them. Address the email to the owner if you know her/his name.

* Please don’t be too pushy in your email message. Be polite.

* I have personally received emails asking for link exchanges. Some messages are too pushy and only talk about the benefits I can get by linking to them. I find this a bit offensive. Link exchanges are a two way street. Both the parties benefit. If you ask me keep the benefits out of the email. If they have a links page they know the benefits anyway.

* Keep the message simple.

* I personally don’t favor any automatic link exchange programs. I like to approach each one manually.

The Key Points: When it comes to reciprocal links the quality and the relevance of the site you are exchanging links with matters. If the other site has a good page ranking then thats even better. So pay close attention to them.

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About myself: Sandy Naidu is a work at home mother. Sandy’s website Business Ideas features interviews with women business owners. Most of the guests are mothers who have created a successful business working from home. There are also resources on the site to help you start your own business. Visit Internet Business Ideas

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