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How Best To Tackle Reciprocal Link Building

How Best To Tackle Reciprocal Link Building

Article by Jamie Lyons

Generating reciprocal links is the most common and probably the easiest form of link building there is. There is a lot of debate out there as to how effective reciprocal linking is, but my opinion is that done properly it can be really beneficial.

To begin with, dont forget to do your homework and highlight the websites that would make an ideal link target. Don’t set your goals to low here as one link from a great site can benefit you much more than ten links from just any old site.

Ok so you now have your list so how do you get the links? Its common practise when reciprocal link building to send an email to the webmaster of your targeted site explaining how good your website is and how important it is to swap links etc. If you are anything like me the first thing you do when you get this type of email is slam it in the recycle bin. Fortunately this method is dying out and SEOs have to become more cunning.


First of all be prepared to put in the time. If you have chosen your target sites well your time and efforts will be rewarded. Content is king so before link building can really begin ensure the content you will be linking to is of link worthy standard. Rubbish content will result in rubbish links and none of the big boys will touch you.

Avoind exchange sites and link farms. Join some social networking sites related to the niche you are working in and start to participate frequently. This may sound like a nightmare but by participating UN selfishly you will begin to build up a nice contact list of people related to your niche area that once you have built up confidence in can approach them for link exchanges. You stand more chance of obtaining a link if you already have a relationship with the person linking to you.

Have a really good think about everybody you know and what jobs they do. You never know you could just remember that professor that is really high up in a university who is really good friends with the University web master. You get where I am coming from here.

Get a blog and start blogging. It’s more difficult to offer reciprocal links from within your website so a blog is a great way to build up top quality content that you can then use to link out to people in return for a link in. Blogs are especially great because there are no limits as to what you can blog about. The more you blog the bigger the buzz will become around your blog attracting more subscribers. The beauty of this is that if somebody has taken the time to subscribe to your ramblings they are obviously interested in your subject so yet another good candidate for a link exchange.

This list can go on and on and I couldn’t possibly give all my secrets away here but the main point I am trying to make is that you need to do your research and be prepared to put the time and effort in to make reciprocal link building more effective. If you simply get on the internet accepting reciprocal links from anybody you will probably see some short term gains but as Google improves the long term benefits will not exist.

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