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How to Get Reciprocal Links

How to Get Reciprocal Links

Article by Bruce Alan

A reciprocal link works by me saying that I will put up a link to your website so long as you put a link back to my website.

There is also the premise that if the text contains a targeted keyword, it is possible that the search engines will deem that link as more favorable or pertinent. Mia chooses to link via a banner, simply because of the visibility and knows to use favorable text within the banner.

Since reciprocal linking has marked its own worth in terms of web marketing and site promotion, it became a favorite object for fraud. There are some websites who just can’t make a true and clean reciprocal linking.

It is much easier for search engines to index a link only. Because links have title (or anchor) and this title can be analyzed for keyword to check the relevancy. Link has structure and keywords even in the name of link; link has a description. From links search engines can learn about the topic, the popularity of your web site and help to put your site to the proper niche in the eyes of search engines.

First and foremost your website should be complete. Your website should have excellent content and be related to the theme of your website. The site should be optimized for your chosen keyword or keywords. Remember content is king. Search Engines love them, so too will your website visitors.

Although dynamically generated, these text ad links can be crawled by search engine spiders. In this sense, the ad linking network can be thought of as an automated method of reciprocal linking capable of providing a boost to each member site’s link popularity.

Webmasters receive regular requests for reciprocal link exchange either by e-mail or through their websites where provision is made for the submission of requests for reciprocal link exchange. Why are most requests rejected to the utter disappointment and dismay of webmasters of new websites anxious to increase their link popularity and page rank?

Reciprocal link does not constitute simply linking to as many sites as possible. It means a responsibility to link your site to sites related to yours because these links are more valuable than any links from sites that have no relation to your site.

Conventional reciprocating links as a means to boost Google page rank have become of very little benefit to either party. Virtually every webmaster still clings to the belief that reciprocal linking work but all are wasting their valuable time in this largely fruitless enterprise.

Use your time collecting valuable information on your site, and then tell everyone you can! Offer a web site full of interesting details that similar sites’ readers can’t live without. The best way to gain readership is by offering a valuable resource!

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