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SEO and UEO is for the user and search engine

SEO and UEO is for the user and search engine

Article by Ellen

SEO and UEO these two words should calculate see more, UEO’s full name is the User Experience Optimizatio, meaning in Chinese is the User Experience optimization, baidu encyclopedia is such explanations: User Experience optimization is the you of the website for the User Experience for optimization, in the face of the User level website content optimization, in line with the principle of service for visitors, improve the site function, operation, websites such as visual elements, to get the favour of visitors. Through the optimization to improve conversion rates flow.

Combined with SEO to see, I think is simply for search engines and users do website, not just on the one hand to do, because our website in addition to users see is, is also done to the search engines to see.

UEO and SEO YiZiZhiCha only, but the two is we do have stressed key of SEO, popular point we do is for SEO do rankings, actually to this I think nothing negative, we began to do the starting point of the SEO is based on the development of the website rankings do, and began to pay attention to SEO strategy, and in this strategy UEO occupying a big part of it, because our website can not only SEO, also can not only UEO, need is the perfect combination of the two, make the two maximum effect, that is the well site at the same time the user experience ready to SEO, this is the better choice.

Recently seen a period of tianjin TV site recruitment program “must belong to you”, had a period is the applicant is a SEO job applicants, I this issue is to show concern because the issue of the applicant is applying for the related work of SEO, and we do the SEO is a kind of person, because this job is about SEO usually on the TV of interest, so bring with us about. Program to think of SEO understand better the responsible person of the enterprise to the applicant asks a question, ask her to explain SEO, the problem is that our most common problem, look very simple, very easy to answer, but it’s not. The applicant’s answer is: SEO is in the search engine to search out of the sites let us website ranking in front. Actually direct point said is do website ranking.

Although SEO is also ranked do right, but still is unilateral, not enhance the user experience of this, this also is we do the most easily overlooked SEO parts, and is easy to fall into to SEO and SEO situation, in fact, in turn, think about it, we do SEO what is the purpose? Obviously is to have good ranking, but have ranking can get into it, to know the web site we do SEO is in order to be able to get into, but not just ranking, if we do well and does not bring any money in transformation, this ranking with god? Horse, it is nothing but good data read just, the boss told you to not only see the data, but need real gains.

There are many SEO and UEO combination of the very good examples, such as large classification web portal are both well integrated, such as the use of them to make bread crumbs navigation, level 2 directory and time navigation, like many large web sites do stand inside optimization can also reasonable use nofollow, and similar examples and many say not clear, and to better the result of the match between natural is ready ZhengZhan optimization, including SEO and UEO.

For large web sites, so this is our station also is so, also need to weigh in on the two, take independent blog speaking, it’s a development and UEO SEO, such as in the station of keywords reasonable layout, page will open the improvement and the time the user friendly degrees, and other details, but really do that or very few, often many blog in order to SEO and SEO, although these are not important to them, because we are all easy to blundering, but from the point of view for these are SEO should not be.

Maybe you will ask, not to say that the best SEO is forget SEO? And that may be the case, but a search engine is constantly updated adjustment, then SEO controllable factors will also change, so this sentence is not comprehensive, change a perspective, the large sites will generally have a special team to for SEO SEO work development and maintenance, because they are very clear that SEO is a long-term change process, even though core starting point won’t change, but the rules are still will change, SEO strategy will also corresponding change.

This paper aims to communication, because for SEO and UEO understanding vary from person to person, but also because of website different, but in the end the core is the same, and that is UEO SEO and is the need to parallel, the two independent development are bad, and is always exist website operation process.

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