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What is SEO Anyway?

What is SEO Anyway?

Article by Luccy Mullyan

Internet Marketing keeps growing by the day. In such a situation, it is not enough for any business to have just a website. It is important for this web site to be visible towards the users and appear in search results when users search for related keywords. Because of so many companies and websites selling exactly the same products or services as your business, how can you make sure that you get noticed and obtain more business?

This is where Seo (SEO) comes into picture. Many companies are incorporating SEO into their marketing strategies. This raises one more question. Is In-House SEO better or in the event you Outsource the SEO of the web site to a company? Do you know the benefits and drawbacks of getting the SEO of your website done In-House as compared to outsourcing your SEO needs? Both In-House SEO and Outsourcing SEO have its pros and cons. Each company must consider these two models and then decide based on their needs.

Pros of In-House SEO

1. An In-House SEO expert will know your company well and hence will understand the nuances of company and it is challenges as well.

2. Doing all of your SEO In-House provides you with complete control over the strategies as well as their execution. The SEO expert can be contacted immediately for just about any changes since he sits in the same office because the fellow members of the company.

3. The In-House SEO expert works only in your website and not on every other websites. Which means that the expert can provide full focus on your website and may work on increasing the rankings of your website.

4. Sometimes In-House SEO is lesser expensive that Outsourced SEO agencies.

In-House SEO Cons

1. SEO is a changing rapidly field. The algorithms of search engines like google keep changing. One should always be updated using the changes. The skills in SEO also keep changing. If you decide to do the SEO of the site In-House, you will want to spend time and sometimes money to learn the brand new facets of SEO and yourself updated using the changes.

2. It might be time consuming if you need to continue to the trends from the business. Which is vital that you keep using the trends from the business if you opt to do your SEO In-House. You will also need to pay attention to the overall marketing of the website and could not spare the time to update yourself using the latest in SEO. This could lead to outdated SEO practices which can further affect your sites ranking.

3. SEO takes a quantity of tools. If you choose to do your SEO In-House, then you need to buy these tools. This can be very expensive. Just having these power tools is not enough. Additionally you need to learn cooking techniques which could further find a large amount of your time and effort.

Outsourced SEO Pros

1. The largest benefit of outsourcing your SEO needs to a company is you get the expertise of the entire team of SEO experts who works in your website. Since, it’s a team that only creates SEO projects, they will be up-to-date with the latest trends running a business and hence you don’t have to invest time or money in getting yourself familiar with these trends. They can create SEO techniques for your company keeping these trends in your mind.

2. SEO agencies work with a large number of clients. The advantage of this is they have the experience of focusing on different types of businesses and understand their demands better. This wide perspective could be a big advantage to get visibility on the web.

3. Should you outsource SEO for an agency, it’s not necessary to spend some time, effort and cash on hiring an In-House SEO team, training and tools.

4. The outsourced SEO agency won’t be impacted by the pressures of other aspects of marketing your company and may concentrate only around the SEO of your website.

5. Outsourcing SEO means faster execution of tasks because you get a team of people caring for your website as opposed to a couple of in-house experts.

Outsourced SEO Cons

1. Outsourcing SEO may require you to definitely sometimes invest a little more money than you’d should you perform the SEO of the website in-house on your own.

2. Should you outsource the SEO of your web site to a company, they would want sometime to get to know your business and exactly how you’re employed. This could take up sometime till the agency gets accustomed to dealing with your company.

3. Because the agency will be handling not only your site, you cannot be sure of the time and focus the agency will be giving your website. You may have to constantly keep looking into the work done and on the progress of your site.

4. Some of the SEO agencies could use cheap tool based SEO or black hat SEO techniques to obtain the results that they promise their customers. You might want to be involved with the agency’s try to make sure such techniques are not getting used for the website.

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