ATTENTION PLEASE !! Hello World !? ! As of 8.21 YouTube’s front page for Japanese and the most viewd video ranking have not been updated for more than 30 hours It has not been updated,? since a huge demonstration took place in Tokyo. I wanted to let the world know that:YouTube is lying about their statistics! ??????????????? in detail; Japanese citizens made a huge protest demonstration for one of major TV station “Fuji TV” in Japan on Aug, 21rd, 2011. The protesters had been frustrated because Fuji broadcasted Korean contents too much. The other reasons for the march were; Foreing investers held massive amount of Fuji TV’s stock, suspected subliminal stimuli in their programs, and supposed stealth marketing by Fuji. All these were known to the Internet users. Further more, Fuji TVdid not broadcast singing of our national anthem and national flag when Japanese figure skaters and Nadeshiko-Japan (Japan women’s national football team ) won the world championship. In this video people are marching, chanting their slogans in front of Fuji TV headquaters, singing our national anthem ‘kimi ga yo’. More Links?jonny-skywalker.blogspot.com ?????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????? Official HP? ???????????????wiki fuji-demo.info H23.8.21(2011?)????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????? mixi

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  3. This is not only the culture problem. They are trying to control the government in Japan.In Japan, Media says “You? should vote to Democratic Party of Japan.”?which favorable to Koreans.
    “Democratic Party of Japan” is trying to give suffrage to them. And they are trying to invite 10,000,000 Koreans and Chinese for an immigrant.
    Japanese media never tell these danger information. so, 90% of Japanese people don’t know what’s going on in Japan. this is crazy.
    Is this really democracy?

  4. The demonstrators are angry not because Fuji TV is broadcasting Korean dramas or songs. They are angry with Fuji’s attidtude of debasing and humiliating Japan and Japanese while admiring everything Korean or hiding anything implying the realtion between crimes and Korea or Koreans even in news reports.

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  7. Korean people claim compensation of world war to Japanese government persistently.
    Even though Japanese government paid compensation(infrastructure,technology,their literacy,etc) to Korea already,but Korean insist ‘Japan has not finished the compensation yet’ persistently.We’ve had enough of it! They don’t mean to make good relationship to Japan,and then they often fake up a fact and tell a lie such as Anime came from Korea,Kendo is based on Korean martial arts,etc.Please don’t touch Japan.

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  11. @choyc1102 I only see English-speaking people for the most part. Do you mean to say that there’s more Japanese people than other Asian people on YouTube? I don’t know about Korean people, but I’m pretty sure that Chinese people go to Youku and Tudou more than YouTube.

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