4. World of Webcraft – Actionscript 3.0 Dynamic Tween and hitTestObject Function Tutorial

Copy+Paste Script: www.developphp.com Learn how to dynamically tween any item to multiple objects using a universal function that uses Tweens, an EnterFrame Event, and the hitTestObject function. Smart stuff.
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Author: jolande

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9 thoughts on “4. World of Webcraft – Actionscript 3.0 Dynamic Tween and hitTestObject Function Tutorial”

  1. A side note about your comments at 6:44. I know you typically don’t use external libraries, but I’ve gotten into the habit of using tweenlite/tweenmax libraries from Greensock. Super easy to write complex, reusable tweens and interactions (like getting your toon to walk around a table) But…I only recommend this approach AFTER wrapping your head around the internal tweening functions within Flash.

  2. My silly question is: is possible to click inbetween bank and home and the character stop mid distance or we have to make a grid of objects?

  3. Im not sure where you are gong with this series, but I think it would be really cool if you incorporated a grid system for the character to move along. Then the object could scale as it moves back in space as well as calculate the shortest distance from one square to another. Also, will you show us how to add in a walking animation, even if it is simple?

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