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25 thoughts on “Adam Lambert and Kris Allen give a post finale show press conference – American Idol Winner 2009”

  1. it´s unbelievable that this guy won, it was obvious that Adam should have won the last season of A.i. So i hope that this year people can be more careful with the votes, because the fact is; that the world now hear the excellent voice of Adam Lambert everywhere and the other dude does not even exist.

  2. “who’s sexier naked?”
    *adam thinks of something witty to say, while kris walks away laughing*
    adam- “we don’t get naked together.”

    hahaha i love kradam!

  3. Agree with Lynnahearn “very gracious young man”. Adam has alot of class & is very thoughtful of others. He owns himself. His aim is not only to sing great vocals but to truly entertain.
    He stretches the boundaries – one of his inspirations; Freddie Mercury (Queen) – go check out Freddie and Monserrat Caballe in “Barcelona”. Stunning and timeless. Adam could also do this now. He’s got what it takes. You will understand the reference to Freddie Mercury I think.
    (PS Using son’s computer). Sharon.

  4. 1:52
    ” Who is sexier naked”
    Adam: ” We don’t get naked together”.
    Adam is so cute, smart and fast in the interview. Love him.

  5. Yes and I will too, and I will be listening to Adam as the whole world will be listening to him too. To each their own, but no one should be faulted for their taste in music or performers, they are both very very talented and I love both Genres of their music.

  6. What very very gracious young men, both very different, and very talented. They will both have awesome careers! To be so different they came out of this as very good friends, and that my friends is the true Christian way! I am sure they won’t be partying together, but they are going to be there for each other, and make their own marks and effect their fans in differnt ways with their different careers.

  7. I hate this “American Idol Show”: The best singers always lose. I remember having seen great black female/male singers who got eliminated right before the finale, just because they are black. Also great latino look singers with latino origings eliminated either in the finale or before. And the most obvious case, the great and uneven and mega singer Adam, eliminated because he is gay. Right in the finale show, the conservative/puritan Americans vote for the “conservative” singer.

  8. long time…dont think so.

    form a band adam and rip it up. sms messages cant make u a rock legend.

    lol. ACDC,rolling stones etc,would laugh at this we all seen how good adam was when he was leading queen and kiss.

  9. The Yin & the Yang – I love them both because they are so different and being different is what makes America great. Idol had two champions this year – I wish them the best. ~namaste

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