Apple News & Rumours: Part 27 (BackToSchool, iAds, Kodak, October 7th)

*HELLO* – So in this video I talk about some interesting news regarding Apple Back to School Campaign, iAds and the crazy patent buying spree as well as a potential rumoured date for the release of the iPhone 5 ! Weak Back-to-School Effort Causing ‘Significant’ Mac Sales Slowdown [Analyst] – iAd head Andy Miller to leave Apple – Apple Store outage related to larger ‘net issues? – After Google-Motorola Deal, Could Apple Buy Kodak Just For The Patents? – UK Carrier Expects The iPhone 5 To Be Announced on Tuesday, September 13th – Apple Still Interested in InterDigital’s Patent Portfolio [Updated] – THE APPLE INVESTOR: Apple Could Sell 100 Million iPhones This Year – Apple’s Online Store Gets More Social With Twitter and Facebook Links –
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25 thoughts on “Apple News & Rumours: Part 27 (BackToSchool, iAds, Kodak, October 7th)”

  1. I think Apple is trying to promote it’s App Store. One thing is that when you buy a new Mac, with the $100 credit you could get iWork for free plus maybe a couple of games for free.

    Maybe not as nice as an iPod. Also, maybe Apple could make the $100 credit for both the App Store or iTunes, that would be nice.

  2. @DRBUK I think Jobs said PCs will be like Trucks, not Macs. I think the Xserve dying was a hint. (although we still have the mac pro server… for now)

    Theshowthatsux and I asked MrBit what he would do if the Mac Pro was discontinued and he said he would cry and buy the last model.

  3. @iMackinChris lol well done for spotting that ! i have NO IDEA WHY, but iMovie messed up AFTER I RECORDED THE VIDEO ! and i had to detach the audio and put it ahead of the video, and it synced pretty good tbh but there is a slight gap, even i didn’t notice it that much lol

  4. @commodore256 there are rumours of the mac pro refresh to result in a smaller mac pro or a rack able mac pro…so we shall wait and see ! i don’t think they will kill mac pros, they see them as TRUCKS so there never gonna go away, just become less important and less updated but never killed off !

  5. Hey, they haven’t updated the Mac Pro in over a year, do you think they’re gonna discontinue it?

    I think they are because they discontinued the Xserve, downgraded QuicktimeX and Final Cut Pro and they get 30% of everything. So, I think they don’t give a shit about the Pros anymore.

  6. Students always get money off and discounts on applecare on the day of perches and now we get the $100 mac AppStore thing too usually an iPod under $200
    an iPod Touch is going to be as distracting also
    I rather see Apple buy Sony for their cameras.

  7. I really doubt people are using the ipod touch for education, just like the MS deals, get a free xbox, it’s for the free time from studying, just like the ipod, use it on your free time. Listening to music, games, internet, etc.

  8. I guess the thing with giving the ipod touch for free is too clear the stock in order for the September ipod event. I guess this would mean they plan too keep the old ones or they have no issues selling the old stock.

  9. The cool thing about the 100 dollars is, you can use it on the iBookstore, iTunes music, app store, and the mac app store, so to me it’s worth it. Also, they’re selling the 100 cards on Ebay? How dumb is that? It’s like someone handing you a 100 dollar bill and you just sell it to someone for 50 bucks. Why not use it if you already buy stuff from places like the iTunes store or the app store? I prefer this, because last year, I just sold the iPod touch the second I received it! lol

  10. Yes two iPhones will be on sale. The iPhone 5 will have the higher price. Lot’s of rumour going on. Bring on iPhone 5 i’m sure it will be the most successful iPhone to date. Having your spelling checked as you right like on IOS devices is cool also!

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