Arnie Gullov-Singh of – TWiST #177

0:00-1:00 Welcome to This Week in Startups! 1:00-2:30 If you want to influence the direction of the show and get on the rockin’ Google Groups email list, go to to sign up. 2:30-3:15 Arnie Gullov-Singh from is with us today. 3:15-5:15 Thank you for GoToMeeting for sponsoring the show. Make sure you check out their new HD Faces product at 5:15-8:00 Explain the difference between the slimy, pay-per-post model and what does. 8:00-8:45 So in your experience, you wouldn’t take on an advertiser unless you wanted to be associated with them? 9:30-11:00 So people like NY Times writer David Pogue have a lot of conflicts. Have you gotten any notable journalists to join your network? 11:30-13:00 How does it work with clients like TechCrunch and Newsweek? 14:00-14:45 What’s the most someone has gotten for one tweet? Did Charlie Sheen get 0000? 14:45-16:30 We’ve seen the click-through rate on Twitter going down. Is that because Twitter can’t keep up in real time? 18:00-19:00 Is Twitter going to get its ass kicked by Facebook and Google+? 19:00-20:00 You don’t think Google+ is becoming meaningful yet? 20:00-23:00 Why doesn’t Twitter themselves pay celebrities? 23:00-26:15 Thank you to Hiscox for sponsoring the show. If you need small business insurance, go to 26:15-29:45 Let’s talk about Facebook. Do you have a problem with the fact that they don’t share revenue? 32:30-34:15 Can you tell me with a straight face that you

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  1. … and because AOL sucked so bad for so long…. size doesn’t matter as much facebook, google, microsoft still sexy. AOL ruined there image permanently. They’d almost do well to rebrand.

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