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What we do Ausante both raises awareness and takes action to preserve our environment for future generations. For example, we are engaged in a long term reforestation and environmental stewardship project in partnership with the Zambian government which involves planting millions of trees. As well as boosting the local economy and ecology, this will remove millions of tonnes of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to reduce the harmful effects of global warming. How you can help Did you know that over 40% of the CO2 emissions in the developed World come directly from things we all do, such as driving cars or even switching on your PC? Changing our lifestyles will help, but we have to do more, and fast. One way to reduce our impact is to become ‘carbon neutral’, as many large corporations such as airlines are now forced to do, by purchasing carbon credits. These are standardized international units of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by such activities as planting trees which absorb CO2 naturally through photosynthesis. By purchasing your own pack your lifestyle becomes carbon neutral. What’s in it for you We recognize that all of us can sometimes feel powerless to make a difference individually. So Ausante has combined the power of social networking and the worldwide reach of the internet together with a lucrative rewards program to incentivize people all over the World to work together in our common goal. Now is your chance to claim your share of a
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