Discover The Tricks to Getting Approved by CPA Networks

Discover The Tricks to Getting Approved by CPA Networks

CPA marketing has turned out to be a highly sought after part of the online marketing. You’re about to learn some top insider tips for getting approved at any CPA network.

Ask yourself; what would be that one important thing that you would look for in an affiliate, if you were a CPA network? It would be reliability and the assurance that you’ll not scam and run away. The main reason why many people get rejected by these CPA networks is not because they’re frauds, but it’s because the networks don’t have much to trust them. If you want to get accepted, tell them that you’re an organization or company instead of just an individual. If you do this, and you apply as a company, you’ll be taken much more seriously. These networks themselves are companies who are looking out to create partnerships with other companies to grow their business. When these networks see that you’re a company instead of a person, they’ll think you’re much more reliable and they’ll pass your application. In their eyes, a company is much more trustworthy than some stranger who applies out of nowhere to be an affiliate. That’s not to mention that forming a business is simple these days. It’s possible to attain an LLC or INC for a very tiny amount over the internet, and it takes just a short time. Once you have everything ready to go, then you can simply apply to the network with your company name, without worrying about anything. The application is probably going to ask you if you use email marketing when promoting your products. Don’t just check that option in a hurry, as you need to really consider if you really are using email marketing in your campaigns. If you’re not sure, don’t check it, because you’re going to open up a whole can of worms that’s going to make your application even harder to get passed. During the phone call with your affiliate manager, he/she will be going through your application carefully and when it comes to email marketing, they will ask you all sorts of questions that you’re not ready for.

You should always have multiple ways for your AM to contact you. Most CPA networks include a spot on their application that asks for your instant messenger ID. Don’t just pass this box up and instead make sure you include your ICQ, Yahoo!, or AIM IDs, or all of the above. It’s best to create a screen name that is acceptable and that is relevant to your business, and keep your personal accounts for other things. Taking this one simple step will help you build a long term relationship with your affiliate manager in the future. This information is just for getting approved with a CPA network, as there’s much more to this great form of internet marketing.

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