Everything Must Go!

This week: 1. Insurrectionist Brits 2. Syrian Resilience 3. Social Media Censorship 4. BART! 5. Shooting Sheriffs Saturday 6. Where is My Mind? 7. Anarchist Panther Ashanti Alston

Author: jolande

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25 thoughts on “Everything Must Go!”

  1. @natritious1
    Private property is an obstacle to freedom. Therefore, destroying it is an act of liberation. Disobedience to private property requires what is legally defined as theft and, when done on a large enough scale, theft destroys the largest motivation for private property, the capitalist economy, while simultaneously publicising property. That’s why it’s good.

  2. @natritious1
    Insurrection = destroying the whole economy. So, yeah, insurrection involves destroying all businesses including those nearby and those that aren’t doing well. How is this hard to understand?

  3. dear d. cameron, please use intelligence to ascertain the medicinal qualities of certain plant matters, as many people are ill, needlessly.

  4. No idea how I stumbled on, and subscribed to, you. Maybe through a Rebellious Pixels recommendation? Anyway, looks like you have fun, editing heavy stuff into a very fresh, eye candy format. Must say, the juxtaposition between Black Panther history, while BIko tries to tear parts of Grandpa’s head off was hilarious. I can’t wait to watch more of your stuff!

  5. The only way to end the muthafuckin system is to shut shit down on a regular basis. This is very good training for the coming mega shut down of all shutdowns.

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