GB Live w/ Tmartn, ONS1AUGH7, JUICETRA

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Author: jolande

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25 thoughts on “GB Live w/ Tmartn, ONS1AUGH7, JUICETRA”

  1. Judging by this guys gameplay im easily much better than him without even using the famas or 74u and im only 14 this is ridiculous

  2. I have never really watched B3ndro play but I seen something that ONS1AUGH7 liked and I instantly subscribed. you are beast man. Enjoy your videos

  3. @TmarTn

    If it makes you feel any better, your name is first in the title. Which makes sense, considering you are the most awesome 😉


  4. Hey guys if u would like to throw ur support behind a new Aussie Channel please take a minute to check me out. I post great gameplay/Commentaries on all COD games. COD4 , WaW, Mw2 and Black Oops , I mean ops. I dont mean to be a troll but i think my gameplays are worth watching… Thanks

  5. @PriesterBaby ye only perks not aloud are Flak Warlord and second chance. but Ninja is prefered over tac mask cuz of sound whore.

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