How to Make a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

How to Make a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Article by Raghav Mishra

We now address the most common issue that marketers face addressing their Brand Campaigns on Facebook. What should be my content on the social media?Many individuals fancy Facebook as a “Website” or worse a “Company Brochure” and post information about products, series and the like on Facebook.Ahh !!! This is what is of least interest to people on media, and more than often it is intrusive and only leads to negative publicity. The thumb rule is your fans have least interest to engage with your Product, yes they would love to engage with your Brand and given opportunity help you create a superior Brand Experience as well.It’s the Brand not the Product.Understand what your Brand Stands for the consumer, or alternatively, what would be the Brand message you need to deliver. For instance, if you make houses do not use the media to promote your new information alone. You got to know why would people but your home and what’s the underlying driver.It can be Green Property or Quality Homes of anything. It can be your Brand Positioning or any other message you would want to deliver for your brand.Build your content accordingly:You need to build your social media campaign content basis your social theme. It could be in the form of Posts, Quizzes and Contests, Videos etc. all trying to convey the central message.The “Qualifiers” for content on your social media:Here is quick checklist of key points to remember about your content posted on the social media.Ask yourself these three simple questions before you post it on the mediaSocialkeeda stands for social media marketing and its true since it represents the modern face of web marketing ? Interactive Social Networking.

Interactivity, which lies at the roots of social media marketing by design offers and unbeatable medium to engage with your consumers. We enable brands to reach out consumers in a non-intrusive and unique way.1. Does the content convey your central message?2. Is the consent engaging and prompts the user to take an action?3. Would the content be of any interest to your TG if he were not your TG?And if the answer to any of the questions above is yes, then pl go ahead with it on the social media.We help brands engage with consumers on the social media by Social Media Marketing and I welcome any suggestions and comments on the post.

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