How To Make Your Brand Go Viral A video that tells you all you need to do to make your brand go viral. Virals used: 1. Tagging Air Force One – Mark Ecko 2. Sunglass Catch – Ray-Ban 3. Drumming Gorilla – Cadbury’s 4. Trojan Games “Gymnastics” – Trojan 5. Dynamite Surfing – Quicksilver 6. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like – Old Spice 7. Staff Have Nothing To Hide – New Zealand Air 8. How We Met – Samsung 9. Finger Soccer – HP 10. Extreme Sheep LED Art – Samsung 11. Royal Wedding – T-mobile 12. Star Wars Cantina 2010 – Adidas 13. Evian Babies: Live Young – Evian 14. Shoot The Bear – Tipp-Ex 15. Tiger Woods 09 “Walk on Water” – EA Games 16. Dove “Evolution” – Dove Cosmetics 17. Catch This With Your Butt – MSI 18. Piano Stairs – Volkswagen 19. How To Shave Your Groin – Gillette 20. Diet Coke + Mentos – Diet Coke/Mentos 21. Lady Gaga “Telephone ft. Beyonce” – Lady Gaga 22. Tea Partay- Smirnoff 23. Life Is For Sharing – T-Mobile 24. Yes We Can – Obama 2008 25. Diesel SFW XXX – Diesel 26. Balloon Animals – Durex 27. Will It Blend? “Glow Sticks” – Blendtec
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