How To Survive The Economic Collapse – Emergency Food Storage (Part 1)

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5 thoughts on “How To Survive The Economic Collapse – Emergency Food Storage (Part 1)”

  1. Free + $9.95 equals $9.95…… $9.95 for shipping and handling ….. why don’t they tell you that up front? Why can’t they say six meals for free plus shipping and handling “up front”. Free + $9.95 equals $9.95 ……..

  2. @stopeatingpork My pleasure. You’re going to love the samples, as well as eFoods Global! Remember: No MSG, NON-GMO, NO Trans Fats, NO HFCS, and NO PORK in any of the eFoods Global meals 😉

  3. i just ordered my samples. i’ve been thinking about ordering from efoods direct for a long time, but now they have an MLM too, which is brilliant! thanks for uploading this…i can’t wait to try the food 🙂

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