Intel i7 dual core more $$$ than an Intel i7 quad core???

If you are in the market for a high performance laptop, then this video could interest you. The i7-2620M dual core is showing up as more expensive than the i7-2630QM quad core when purchasing laptops. This video explores why that could be by examining the major differences and how they effect performance for different markets. If you are in the market for a high performance laptop, then this video may help you. – quad core, dual core – cpu benchmark – core clock – maximum turbo frequency – multi processor optimized applications – turbo boost – Intel marketing – thermal design power – saving battery power – graphics max dynamic frequency – virtualization vt-x and vt-d – intel trusted execution technology – intel anti theft technology – intel smart cache per cpu – performance for gaming versus for applications – ram, ssd hard drive
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25 thoughts on “Intel i7 dual core more $$$ than an Intel i7 quad core???”

  1. OHHH thank you so so much for explaining this cpu stuff in simple terms. I have been struggling with a purchase of whether or not to upgrade to the dual core and this answers all my questions. For your simple and intuitive explanation I award you a subscription and my undying gratitude.

  2. @Stealthknife12 between these two processors, for regular gaming, the Intel 2620M is probably a better bet, unless the game is optimized for multi-threading, in which case the quad core is definitely better. imo, newer rts games like starcraft 2 are likely to be better optimized for more cores, whereas, fps and rpg games like cod and rift are likely to be better optimized for faster cores…

  3. Hi plz help me i cant decide wich 1 to buy the Intel® Core i7-2620M or the other 1.
    But can the Intel® Core i7-2620M run games like starcraft2,rift,Call of duty ect on high settings with a good fps???? plzz respond

  4. @Spright0 That’s not entirely true. Like knowbyte said it all comes down to what you’re doing. Do you know why a lot of games run better on dual cores rather than quad, hexa or even octa cores? Because they’re not optimized to take advantage of the extra cores. This goes for pretty much everything else.

  5. more cores are better… no matter if they are less ghz remember a dual core has 2.7ghz and quad core has 2.3ghz thats 4 cores running at 2.3ghz>2cores running at 2.7ghz
    AMD laptops are cheaper and faster.
    SSD is stupid. way over priced.

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