Is this the good deal?

Made this video in regards to MMG and Andrew’s announcement that RuneScape has been nominated for a golden joystick award (Best Free MMO). What good deal are they talking about? F2P is unplayable due to the rampant bot epidemic and ad-bot spam. I’m not F2P but I have a lot of friends who are and I can completely sympathize with how disappointed they are with Jagex. Especially the way they as a company have treated F2Pers. I won’t be voting for Jagex this year (voted for LoL) simply because they don’t deserve it. I’m going to put my foot down and hope that by loosing the award, they realize that a lot of players are actually unhappy and perhaps start to try and append these problems. I’m not going to tell you what to vote (unlike Jagex who is asking you to vote for them), but please understand what your vote means. There are a lot of issues between Jagex and its player base and I really worry that MMG and Andrew don’t understand how problematic it really is. I fear if they win this award it will just feed their egos and that’s the last thing I want to see happening. When Jagex starts treating their players with the respect they deserve and treat us like actual players (instead of stats on some chart) I will gladly vote for them. Unfortunately they aren’t doing either at this moment and that is why I have voted for some other (more deserving) game. RuneScape is a great game. It’s just disappointing to see it falling to pieces due to the ever growing bot epidemic and
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Author: jolande

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25 thoughts on “Is this the good deal?”

  1. @MyRuneShow I think soon it will be almost impossible to detect bots. There’s ones that are able to solve randomly generated dungeons in dungeoneering. Theres even AI’s that are capable of talkting to people just like a human.

  2. Jagex Should Shut down Runescape for Few weeks and Look into Runescape Server’s and Bot’s and IP Bann them, or something like that. I Agree with Jiblix if Botter’s go away i’ll make money alot easier.

    I Feel Sorry Jiblix that you got Demodded 🙁

  3. They.. should stop making all these updates and just focus on the Main issue with the game . making new updates doesnt stop the botting

  4. I am extremely disappointing with Jagex. 🙁 If they don’t change from their greed, Runescape will surely die. I’ve been playing Runescape since 2005 and we’ve always had bot problems, but Jagex used to address them… now days, the problem just gets worse and worse.

  5. This video disgusts me. I’ve seen all of the bots before, but putting it in a video, and JaGeX demodding someone, and saying you’re the problem for pointing it out? No, They don’t deserve the award, and I hope they lose it. Continue making these videos, Jiblix, I’ll thumbs up everyone of them.

  6. The only thing that keeps me playing Runescape is the good old memories with friends before: ‘lists overpowered weapons, unbalanced/unfair updates, money sucking industry and the massisse botting.’

    I don’t give runescape much time before it crashes or turns into BotScape, It is not a legit players game anymore and is just sad it got that far.

  7. make “is this the good deal?” part 2 with tzhaar bots, magic trees bots, blue dragon bots, agility bots, and ZMI altar bots!!

  8. Really Jagex? I didn’t know the free-to-play players were a “vital role and success of RuneScape”. Last time I checked, Free to play players were begging you for something they could benefit from.

    Jagex if I were you, I’d prove that the free-to-play players are a “vital role” and “success of RuneScape” by showing your gratitude. Oh, but wait. You only do that for P2P players, so much for a great success.

  9. @dokterjm How is it not their fault?? They can stop them………..25 bots to 3 real players at black demons today, they must make over double the revenue from bots than from real players……..but fuck us, what do we matter?

  10. Damn, all those bots make the game miserable and its all because of the free trade limit. Look how cheap that good stuff like BCP and other good and expensive stuff become when all those bots are ‘working’ on making money by killing frost dragons, train thief at SG (Sorceress’ Garden) etc.

    By the way, at the F2P worlds there are huge masses of new players.. TO ADVERT FOR SOME LOSERSITES LIKE SITES WHERE YOU CAN BUY MILLS AND BOTS! That is way too bad, because the free trade limit is to blame.

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