Jessie J – Nobodys Perfect and Price Tag (Radio 1 Live Lounge)

Jessie J – Nobody’s Perfect The song is the third release from her debut album ‘Who You Are’, she said: “This song is in my top three favourites on the album,. It’s one of the most honest and raw songs on there and I’m so happy it’s officially my next UK single. Every time I sing it I relive the moment that I wrote it about. I think it’s important to expose your flaws in music as well as your positives. As it says, nobody’s perfect. I’m definitely not!”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 thoughts on “Jessie J – Nobodys Perfect and Price Tag (Radio 1 Live Lounge)”

  1. cool she sounds the same as she does in the music video (i’ve never heard nobody’s perfect so i’m not counting that)

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  3. she has an incredible voice and she is thee most underrated artist, she doesnt get the recognition she deserves, she should be bigger than rihanna, katy perry etc.

  4. These days all the singers computerise to be so talent like Jessie J but she still beats all of them miles of…?

  5. @PonyMadSteph me, me, me! im usually more into mumford and sons, laura marling, regina spektor etc. but jessie J.. wow.. cant stop listening!

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