Make money with PeopleString’s social network? A HOME BUSINESS REVIEW

CLICK HERE:: To make money with any home business, people must overcome two marketing problems. And conventional business marketing advice gets it wrong! Especially in this age of social network marketing. Whether you have an online home based business or are looking for home business ideas you are doomed to fail if you don’t understand these two important obstacles. Even the supposedly best home based business typically has an owner who has neither the money to successfully advertise nor the ability to sell face to face, on the phone, or via emails. If you can’t find customers, you fail! And one of the biggest lies ever is “If you have a website they will come.” Unless you can “fix” those two issues, the home based business ideas you may run across, any home business opportunity, any internet home business will be a waste of your time and money. This video review briefly explains this more, adapts accepted marketing principles to these two killer problems and then critically applies them to PeopleString. And just who am I anyway? Tenured college professor; applied my expertise in the corporate world ending up as VP of Strategic Marketing; successful in my own consulting practice; FAILED at affiliate marketing and then changed what I did and turned it around.
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Author: jolande

Hi, I'm a Dutch online marketer and the owner of several websites about Internet Marketing and Social Media. Just take a look around to improve your marketing traffic skills quickly as any product or website without traffic is non-existing. My aim is to provide affordable quality products of the pro's and to connect with likeminded people to exchange tips and tactics and to build my online network. Please join my VIP mailinglist (stands for Valuable Information Products) to stay updated about the latest traffic news and discount deals. Explore the webshop to get started.

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