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mGinger is the first of its kind opt-in permission-based mobile marketing platform for India. It enables advertisers to run highly targeted campaigns on mobile phones. AdGinger is the twin portal of mGinger. While mGinger aggregates consumer information, AdGinger allows you to leverage this information to reach your potential customers. AdGinger gives you the power to target your ads. Targeting can be based on product interests specified by the user, location (down to pincode levels) and demographics like age, gender, salary, occupation etc. AdGinger has the largest database of its kind and is growing at a furious pace.Mobile phones are highly personal devices. Mobiles are always with the users. So, if you send a discount offer as a message, it would be there with the user when he/she walks into your store. Moreover, messages get forwarded, thereby spreading virally. Sending a message is cheap and easy. And there is no clutter at all!
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4 thoughts on “mGinger…mobile advertising for every business!”

  1. Well the answer is already there as far earning money by forwarding is concerned. visit which allows you send messages and make money.

  2. well i thing only when you guys adds a rented refferals thing on your site people would join your site even money its
    about 6 months for me i have added 15 people directly and 20 under them in total have 35 but earned only 37 rupees thats why though not to promote you guys much as i can earn a good amount in ptc sites

  3. Yes. You get money for receiving each message. You are not paid to fwd or reply the message. mGinger pays you for spending your time to read their informative SMS. You know what, just logon to mGinger and check out the site. You might like it 🙂

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