My First [ClickBank Check] – Opening Live – Real ?2011 UPDATE People are asking me how I made money from ClickBank. I will be showing more about it on my GanderCo Blog. You may or may not like my answers and suggestions, but I don’t tell people lies just to make them feel good! Fair enough? This stuff is not hard once you figure it out. But it can be extremely hard and time consuming until you “do” figure it out. Whew! ~End Update, now back to the regularly scheduled programming.~ ?Follow me on Twitter! [ClickBank Checks], My first CB Check in over 4 years. I used to make money online from home using Google Adwords, but it was just a fun hobby at that time. Well, I got to thinking,… since I’m now a [Stay at Home Dad], I may as well try Affiliate Marketing for real. Also, considering that I have no other choice, “Failure is Not an Option” for me! Oh yeah, I’m also showing off my new [SnowBall Mic] by [Blue Mics]. It’s COOL!! Anyway, I’ve done it before so I already know it works, so this time I will just work harder at it (IT being, [make money online] / [Affiliate Marketing] etc.) full time! Even if it takes me 2 years to make it. COOL! 😉 Keep your chin up and remember, Stay Boosted!! 🙂 Gary.
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Author: jolande

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25 thoughts on “My First [ClickBank Check] – Opening Live – Real”

  1. Excellent content, thank you – will be sure to share with my thousands of affiliates as this advice is incredible.

    Lord Cavendish J.

  2. I really liked this guy’s candid attitude about why he was a Clcikbank affiliate, and trying to make money at home! Maybe someday I can post a video of my own, first Clickbank check :), I will post it as video response to this thriead.

  3. @MasterRoshi9000 If you make a few hundred dollars per year or less, I believe you’re not required to report it to the IRS (I’m no expert so do your own research on that). However, ClickBank “Does” report the money they pay you to the IRS … So, if you’re making a bazzillion dollars a year, then yes, you will have to pay income taxes … kinda like being in business for yourself (again, I’m no expert tax dude. Do your own research).

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  6. Congrats!!!… How many products are you currently promoting and Do you have any advice or suggestions for a new comer to clickbank such as myself?

  7. @darkrigh3 HEY! I got one thing to say to yoooo….

    I RESEMBLE that remark!!! LOL!! 😉
    Just having fun!

    Thanks for the comment!


  8. mam you are awesome lol but can you please tell me how you shaired your links plz i mean i found a website that turns their messed up crap into a link and i cant spred them please im beggin

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