Social Media Marketing, Discussions, Posting and Comments

Social Media Marketing, Discussions, Posting and Comments

I came across couple of my clients seeking Social Media Marketing through SEO / Online Marketing Agency.  And a similar instance where companies, offering social media marketing services that include creating discussions and commenting services on discussions.

Posting discussions in a group on platforms like LinkedIn are methods of building relationship with people on similar professional backgrounds through exchange of knowledge about the company or services. Here the person posting the discussion is knowledgeable or is interested in the topic and likely to be offering services related to the topic. Thus generating awareness about the company, topic, building a relationship and a possible deal that gets closed.

So, i would say Social Media is not hiring a bunch of people who will simply pick a discussion with minimal relevance and comment on their own. And definitely not using the same service repeatedly on the Social Media to build relationships.


I really do not understand why a company would require an external agency to do marketing on Social Media; it is like some else writing running the race for you to receive a medal. The concept of Social Media is to build direct relationships; the article in wikipedia gives much more light on Social Media: Wikipedia Article

Considering an example of Patent Services – Here the firm is trying to build relationships with professionals from companies working on advanced technological inventions in the area of mobile communication or medical electronics or pharmaceutical science; it is just impossible to replace this particular activity by a SEO services firm acting as a Social Media Agency.

Second ex: A HR Consulting and strategy firm that helps companies in developing HR strategy for recruitment, consulting, talent management, payment scale, training and HR development. Here, it is not possible to pick a discussion for an SEO agency relevant to the target audience, build a relationship with the client and transfer the lead to the Consulting Company. 

Social Media platform works and sustains on the following fundas:

Building a Rapo / Relationship 
Picking interesting discussions relevant with the services, forum, professionals
Sharing knowledge
Rapo build on a direct interaction among people in the forum

I guess that gives some light and understanding on Social Media being a relation ship platform on direct interaction and rapo with people and not a place where you are replacing / by passing your own company professionals for  building a relations.

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