Stop The SEO Madness!

Update: Check my view of SEO in 2010 and all the bad/wrong information spreading around the Internet.

Author: jolande

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25 thoughts on “Stop The SEO Madness!”

  1. I plan to host like an arcade page on my website. These games will be widgets that I get from another web site. What is your opinion on how this will effect my website (goo or bad)??

  2. @1you1tube1fan It counts as a one-way link for the company you are affiliated with but does nothing for your own site’s SEO.

  3. First Off, Thank you for all your videos. I have a question for you lisa. When you sign up to a affiliate program and you post one of the banners from the banners they provide you, does that count as a one way link, like you talked about in this video

  4. Hi lisa, I’m starting a new online children’s educational toy website, obviously there’s a lot of them around, but what’s the best way to get your site noticed online? I kinda am stressing a little about SEO optimisation and the price that many of these companies charge.

  5. I don’t even bother with SEO because there is way too much competition for all the good keywords, I don’t have time to do link building and wait around for my site to rank. The world of E-commerce is very tough and new ideas are quickly copied. The fastest way to make money online today is through opt in email marketing & PPC, But not PPC through SE’s Im talking about PPC on pages of other websites that earn large amounts of traffic. Think about it.

  6. @MrBond8821 That’s the primary reason I haven’t done another video. These principles still apply today. People who try all these black hat tricks are constantly dodging and adjusting to appease the engines, but if you build quality content that people love, you’ll be rewarded over and over again by the engines. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Im a programmer in web delopment and even not beeing videos about programming i really love your videos because you talk about a range of so many things and we can really have good ideias just by following your videos!


  8. You rock Lisa! I checked your rank on Alexa. Most of these other SEO-optimization speakers here have rankings into millions…. They should not open their mouths.

  9. How long have you been using SBI? Everything you said sounds exactly like the things SBI teaches you. Link ins are crucial to getting ranked highly.

    Meta tags are worthless, too. Watch Google IO 2010 SEO talk.

  10. Yea man, right on l Lisa … you hit the nail on the head with your take on SEO…..and you speak very well also….Power to you

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