The Basics Of Making Money Online

See for more articles and video’s about making money on the Internet. This tutorial shows you the 5 step blueprint I used and still use to start and grow my online business. It shows you what in my opinion are the fundamentals of making money online. I hope you find this helpful.
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Author: jolande

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17 thoughts on “The Basics Of Making Money Online”

  1. Yo bro! i understand these basics but i need more specifics that can create an online income fast! The economy is total crap where i live. Hardly any jobs here, we just need to make an extra buck otherwise we just can’t pay for the rent!

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    register on that link, hands down the best way to make money online. It goes really slow at the begining, but after a while you’ll be getting up to 1000 dollar a month by just clicking links and sometimes managing your referals.

  4. @arulius74
    In addition: I guess my experience with the skills needed to make money online are much different from what you describe as ‘just common sense’. Making some decent money online in general requires people to know how to pick a right domain, to setup and design a good website, to write create quality content, to find/create the right products or services, to use the right traffic sources, to write ad-copy, to make videos or presentations, to practice customer service, etcetera.

  5. @arulius74
    I would be happy to make more video’s about specific topics like you suggest. This video just deals with the basic principles I have used for many years to make money online. Hence the title of the video.
    For the record, this video is not selling anything, other than I invite people to have a look at my website.
    Thanks for your feedback, I sure will implement it in the near future.

  6. @hansnetten I beg to differ. Making money online allows you to have your fingers in A LOT of different areas of specialty. You are not limited to a certain profession/skill. Yes, it is true that you need “skills”, but that is just common sense. We don’t need to hear that. To make your videos interesting, talk about those “areas” where people can make money. Don’t downplay what you are trying to sell either. That makes people turn away.

  7. @themarshdavis
    I am working on a video with that exact topic.
    However, the message of that video is going to be that high paying AdSense keywords are partly a myth.
    It’s by far not as simple like you have certain words that will make your AdSense earnings rise for sure.
    There is much more to it. I hope I can keep the video under 5 minutes!

  8. ok, well done. a bit theoretical but it’s a sound presentation.
    Could you deal with more specific topics like high paying adsense keywords?

  9. @arulius74
    And if I may add to that: there are no ‘answers’ to making money online. Making money online is just the same as making money with making shoes, reparing cars or designing furniture: it requires a significant investment in time to learn the skills you need. After that comes the reward. First you sow, then you reap.

  10. @arulius74
    One the problems of todays society indeed is that some people expect to learn something after investing 2 minutes of their time. It took me thousands of hours hard work to learn how to generate a significant amount of money online. Making money online is an art that needs to be mastered in order to have success. Whether or not you are prepared to invest some serious time into that is your own repsonsibility and choice.

  11. Not much info here. You would think someone who has the answers to making money online would at least make the video interesting. I got 2 mins in, and just heard blah blah blah

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